Thursday Thoughts

TTGood-copyLinking up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts.

I has a sad, friends. Well I has a sad and a glad. The sad is, remember the puppy post-its I got from Kawaii Box? I gushed about them and used them constantly and … well my boss was at my desk one day and spilled coffee all over said desk, and the puppies were caught in the crossfire. So was some billing and an expensive calculator but … THE PUPPIES. #Priorities

The glad is that one of my favorite products ever, SkinFood Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder, has an entire line. I originally ordered the powder from amazon while looking for TonyMoly products in the dark days before Memebox. If Memebox ever comes out with a SkinFood box, I’ll be all over that. SkinFood is a Korean brand so I imagine it should be anytime (you listening Memebox? SkinFood box. Let’s get on that). The powder smells absolutely amazing and now I need the entire line. They have a toner and some skin cream and if it smells half as good as the finishing powder then I may just have my first holy grail product.

This meme is my spirit animal

This meme is my spirit animal

People in various facebook groups are horrible influences, and a woman was selling lip lots for a 1 a product. They only came in 15 or 20 packs, so naturally I bought one. Cause we all know I don’t have enough lip products.


A good chunk of these were discontinued, and I found out the Milani brand is horrific (maybe it’s just their lip products), but the NYX is a newer item. I absolutely love it. I got three shades, Amber, Orchid and I can’t remember the other one but they’re two shades of pink and one purple. I can’t describe my love for this lipstick. After my purchase she started selling NYX specific bundles so naturally I bought one of those. I love the NYX brand, almost as much as SkinFood. If NYX was to ever do a subscription box, oh lawdy help me.  She recently started selling makeup lots that weren’t all lip exclusive too.

I’m starting to think I may have a hoarding problem.

Dunno if you’ve seen yet but my buddy started a blog! She’s been a longtime commenter here at BeejuBoxes and we just ❤ her to death so, give her a looksie. Her blog is Pique in the Box.

Until next weeks rambles (they’ll be whining about school and video games I’m sure of it) – Beeju Out

Future Programming –
Boxes Coming Soon: Lipstick Crate (shipped but not updated a la Lip Factory), KitNipBox (probably Saturday)
Reviews Coming Soon: Lip Factory
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5 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

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  2. Which facebook you get the lip products? I’m addicted as well. lol


  3. So sorry about the post its 😦 I’d be super sad if my sandwich post it holder got saturated. (Which could happen, it’s basically a sponge.)
    And I can relate well you your hoarder-like tendencies. Visit my most recent Truthful Tuesday for evidence.


    • I just barely started actively using them, she jumped on my computer to get into her email and bam, direct hit. Maybe this gives me an excuse to order more? 😀

      Good golly woman, I thought that was never going to end. That’s the type of haul I only dream about…


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