Memebox Cacao Cosmetics – Review

Memebox (pronounced Mi-Mi Box) is a company specializing in one-time Korean Beauty Boxes with a variety of themes, ranging from snail to cute to anything you could possibly think of. Introducing the Cacao Cosmetics Memebox, which could have just as easily been named “Beeju’s Perfect Box.” Memeboxes come in a variety of sizes and prices, which you can read more about here. Memeboxes sell their boxes months in advance, and have been known to sell out of them very quickly depending on the theme. Memebox very kindly sent me this box to review ❤


Look ma! New packaging!

Memebox has been exploding in popularity lately and it’s easy to see why – their boxes are some of the best beauty boxes you will ever find. These are sourced and shipped directly from South Korea via DHL, and they tend to arrive incredibly fast (in the US at least, shipping time depends on customs in other countries). This box had some heft to it and is easily the heaviest Memebox I’ve received so far.

cacaoopenOne of the great things about Memebox is you can be sure each box will give you an amazing first look.

cacaocard cacaocard2

Each box comes with an info card detailing the name, retail price, and instructions on exactly how to use the item. Most of the time the items you get from Memebox are not in English (aside from the title), so these instructions are quite helpful. There are many items where you’ll literally go, “How do I use this?” or “What is this..?” Keep the info card. You’ll need it unless you can read Korean.


Purederm Nose Pore 6 Strips Choco Cacao – 6 Pack  – 6$
These are very similar to Biore’ strips but with an added strong Cocoa scent. Memebox is no stranger to the Purederm brand – there were several Purederm products in the Whole Grain Box, and they’re all excellent quality items. The info card says to wet nose, press in strip and leave for 10-15 minutes. You do get used to the smell after a few minutes but it can be overpowering at first. These work fine, and leave your nose feeling quite smooth and clean. It does leave a slight residue behind but the info card says that’s normal and to be rinsed off.



Pure Smile Essence Mask Chocolate Milk – 1$
This is a face mask that’s enriched with several vitamins, extracts and cacao. It’s purpose is to even out skins tone and texture while hydrating. I did feel an immediate difference after use but I think I’d need several to see long term results. The cacao smell is around the same as the strips.


Pure Smile Choosy Lip Scrub – Chocolate – 11$
The description on the info card for this is a little on the creepy side: “Roll scrub on lips then remove the dead skin with a warm towel.” I paraphrased, but you get the gist of it. This is super, super hydrating but it does make your lips peel, which is exactly what it’s supposed to to. Your lips feel super soft afterward, albeit a bit tingly.


Evas Vitamin Cleasing Dessert Magic Cream Soap Coconut & Cacao – 18$
When I saw this paste like substance in the bottle, I cringed because the texture seemed odd. It’s one of the strongest smelling items in the box, and it’s a face cleanser. It’s very much like a mousse in texture, and it lathers quite beautifully. It absorbs into the skin very quickly and while it didn’t leave it feeling smooth (it’s entirely possible I didn’t leave it on long enough), it did leave it feeling very clean and smelling quite nice.  It’s been several hours since I first tried this and my skin still feels clean. This was an item I was very pleasantly surprised by. It comes in different scents/flavors too, Red Wine, Berry Mix, and Lemon. I found this didn’t smell much like coconut but it did smell a loooot like cacao.


Etude House Milk Talk – 7$
Etude House is one of my all time favorite Korean brands! This is a bodywash that doubles as a bubble bath. It smells just like chocolate milk and has the consistency of it too. It lathers up easily, but the smell can be very overpowering if you use too much. I’m sure taking a bath in chocolate milk is a long range dream for many people (read: Beeju), but until that dream can happen, this is an acceptable substitute. The bottle is adorable too; It looks like one of the old-timey milk bottles. This also comes in different “flavors,” like vanilla and strawberry.

cacaomask cacaomask3WondeRuci Cacao Brightening Mask – 38$
This looks, smells, and feels like you just threw chocolate cake batter on your face. I personally enjoy this scent. It’s more lightly cacao scented, and it seems to work okay, though it left my face a little red (that dissipates after awhile). A little goes a long way with this jar. It’s a face mask you leave on for 10-15 minutes to improve hydration, unclog pores and fix uneven tone. It does leave your skin feeling very smooth. I don’t know that I’d buy this again, but I do like it!


There’s so much I just loved about this box. I’ll use absolutely everything, though not at all once because whoa cacao smell, but it will get used in its entirety. If you like the scent of chocolate, the thought of bathing in chocolate milk, or just want the thrill of rubbing chocolate cake batter on your face, I suggest picking up some of the items in this box. It’s sold out on the Memebox website, though they are known to restock boxes from time to time. This box was incredibly indulgent, and should Memebox ever produce a Cacao Cosmetics 2 (hintity hint hint), I’ll be the first in line to get it.

While this box is no longer in stock, Memebox has several other offerings on their website, and I guarantee you’ll find one (or 6) that you’ll love! Here’s some coupons!

5$ OFF ANY ORDER – LT5P4S (Expires 7/31)
5$ OFF ANY ORDER – QIC7SA (Valid 8/1 – 8/31) *Both coupons are once per account

Beeju received this complimentary box for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


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  6. darnit! I KNEW I should have grabbed this one.


  7. I want that cream soap and brightening mask, stat!!!


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