MyKandyBox Mini – Review

MyKandyBox is newish in the Beauty Box game. They don’t seem to ever advertise, and their website could use a revamp (design snob alert). They’re a bi-monthly beauty box, specializing in a little of everything in all sizes. The mini box, which I ordered, is a mixture of past boxes.


MyKandyBox Mini
12.95 – Free Shipping!
Ships Once Ordered – Limited Stock- Arrives via USPS

I ordered this last weekend and it literally shipped the same day, which I just love the service on. It comes in a purple colored bubble mailer, the cousin to ipsy’s pink one, and inside is the black box seen above. The mini version comes with 3-4 items from past boxes. They currently have a variety of boxes on sale, from the mini, to an exclusive set by Krav, to special edition boxes that deliver up until December. Payments are handled by Paypal.


Tigi Bed Head Urban Anti+Dotes Shampoo and Conditioner
This is a one time sampler pack of Bed Head, and it smells amazing. This is a current item that’s on sale at Ulta and at their website (yay! We like current things!) and I love the smell of these so much I may just pick up the set since it’s half off. It seems to work like any other shampoo/conditioner set, though I did notice my hair was softer and shinier. I’m kind of shocked I’ve never tried Bed Head before since they sell it in grocery stores here. :/ Regardless I really liked this sampler. Probably the first time I was ever actually thrilled to get a foil packet.

kandymacaMacadamia Natural Oil Moisturizing Rinse
Yay another current Ulta product! šŸ˜€ This also had a nice smell. It says to use it after shampoo/conditioner and leave it on for a minute before rinsing. I have a couple of these same types of rinses, though not this brand, and it never seemed to make any difference other than making my hair feel oily. This gets very mixed reviews on Ulta.


Purr by Katy Perry Sampler
I had a huge bout of irony when I opened this little metallic package. People who know me know that I care nothing about Katy Perry or her music, so getting this sampler was just a “WHYYYY” moment. Also ironically enough, I do enjoy the scent. It’s very fruity but very strong; I don’t see myself wearing it because of that. This is a scent from 2010 that’s still actively sold.


Almay Shadow Softies – Cashmere
This is pretty much the exact color of my skin so I didn’t bother opening or trying it. I appreciate that it’s a current item though. I don’t think I’ve ever tried any Almay products. This particular shade is one of 12, 6 Matte and 6 Shimmer. Cashmere is matte.

kandyshishedoShiseido Pureness Deep Cleansing Foam
This is an item that’s currently sold at Sephora. It’s a white cleanser with the little exfoliating beads, that foams up and tingles as it cleans. I’ve been wanting to try the Shiseido brand for awhile but never got lucky enough to get it in any box, and I’m pretty happy this was a starter. It’s a sample size cleanser but a little goes a lonnnnng way. It left my face feeling clean and it smells a lot like any other regular soap, but it didn’t leave it smooth. I wouldn’t mind getting a larger bottle of this.


Overall this was a very successful box. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the Macadamia Natural Oil but everything else was pretty great. I loved that everything was an item that’s currently being sold in retail stores. I’m thinking about picking up another one of these to see what else I’d get!

If interested, the mini is 12.95, but there are other options. MyKandyBox is a bi-monthly box that seems pretty great. šŸ˜€ The mini sells out pretty quickly and it ships very, very fast.


Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own.



14 thoughts on “MyKandyBox Mini – Review

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  3. Cute box, but too many foils for me.


  4. How does this compare to Ipsy? I haven’t tried either of these for fear of too much makeup.


    • I’m not sure to be honest. The mini is a mixture of past boxes, but if these are consistent products they may have a new subscriber on their hands šŸ˜› I think it’s an even mix but I know they have an “makeup exclusive” box on their site.


  5. Oooooo, thanks for this!! I would have loved the cleanser and shampoo. Is this more of a makeup box usually? I’m loving the price on this!


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