Okashi Connection – July 2014 Review

Okashi Connection is one of the newer Japanese Candy subscription boxes. Get ready, dear readers. I’m about to take you on an experience unlike any other. I, your loving host, have been thoroughly defeated by DIY candy. I was not prepared. Warning: Very photo heavy post ahead.


Okashi Connection
22$ Per Month – Free Shipping!

Ships Early in Month Directly from Japan – Arrives via USPS

Okashi Connection is one of the newer offerings in the ever growing list of Japanese Candy Boxes. They tend to lean more fun with more limited edition and “different” flavor offerings. Each box, which is a box just large enough not to fit in a standard size mailbox, is absolutely packed with different treats. Okashi Connection does not come with an information card, but it does come with a link to a password protected blog detailing the box you may have gotten, with some possible variations.

Okashi Connection also sent out an e-mail prior to shipment asking if anyone would like an extra item. I neglected to get this item because I have the memory of a goldfish. These shipped on the 8th of July and I got it on the 25th.


okashicol okashicolclose

Cream Collon – Grape Soda Flavored
These are newer flavors in the Cream Collon line, and the two options for this box were Grape Soda and Cream Soda, and these are cream filled flaky cookies with a diamond pattern. The filling has a fizzy taste to it after you bite it, and it does taste very reminiscent of Grape Soda. This is one of those things you know you’ve had it before but have no idea what that thing is, and it’s not grape soda, despite tasting like grape soda. I understand that’s incredibly confusing.


Komekko – Nori Wasabi
At first glance these look like sour cream and onion crackers. They are not. These are wasabi flavored crackers, and a very generous portion of them. I’m sure some people are way into these things but I personally can’t stand to taste anything that smells like feet, so I immediately passed on these. They’re also quite messy, and the seasoning tends to get on everything. Okashi Connection says these were a requested item. I hope those people were satisfied at least.


Morokoshi Wa Taro
These are little corn sticks, and they resemble Umaibo (Giant Hollow Corn Puffs), and they taste like cheetos without the cheese. I didn’t much care for these since they were a wee bit flavorless. These are also hollow. I will say however, that I prefer the flavorless versions to the squid flavored Umaibo I’ve gotten from other boxes. We’ll be having none of that again.


Wata Lemon – Sour Lemon
I know what you’re thinking, “That’s a gum? It looks like cotton candy!” Yes, yes it does. It has the texture and consistency of cotton candy, but it changes texture into a gum. A very, very sour gum. Woof, this tastes like putting a lemon in your mouth. It’s absolutely delicious though, and I love the playfulness. I’d love to get these in different flavors!

okashicookie2 okashicookie

BAKE – Cookies and Cream
When I first pulled these out of the box I thought they were some sort of seaweed flavored concoction (c’mon we all know Japan has seaweed flavored snacks, IT CAN HAPPEN), but I was pleasantly surprised to find out these were Cookies and Cream flavored cookies! These are a new flavor for Summer. The filling tastes just like Vanilla ice cream, but the outer cookie can be a bit bitter.



Oyatsu Kids Pack
According to the Okashi Connection website this is a snack pack aimed towards kids but adults tend to like them too.


Aji Curry
Curry Flavored Crisps that look like fries. The odor was enough to completely push me away. I don’t care for anything spicy or curry flavored so these went totally untried.


Okonomiyaki (cabbage based pancake) flavored crisps
What is a cabbage pancake? I… I’m not daring enough to find out.


Tamago Bollo
Egg shaped potato crackers! These are actually really good, and they tend to pop in your mouth. These are popular with babies, apparently. They don’t have any potato flavor and kind of taste like oyster crackers.


Okashi Connection says these are like Smarties, and that’s 100% accurate. These are little strawberry flavored (flavor may vary) tablets that melt in your mouth. They’re quite chalky but delicious. I need like 50 packages of these STAT.

okashicolaCola Hard Candy
This tastes like Coca-Cola! It’s a large hard candy that’s actually really yummy.



Neru Neru Neru
Neru Neru Neru is a DIY candy kit that resembles cotton candy.  The instructions are not in English but there are step-by-step illustrations, with helpful VERY LARGE letters on the little packets.


You’re supposed to mix packet 1 and 2 together (not sure if it’s together or after packet 1 was mixed with water) and break the tab off the side for the water. The dish on the side is for the sprinkles (I think? I hope..)


It turns into a cotton candy color.


It gains a kind of gummy consistency. It’s very sticky.


Then you dip it into the candy part and eat it.

The blue mixture itself is quite bitter when eaten on its own… I don’t recommend that. The candy pieces are a bit chalky, but are still pretty hard. I think this candy is intended to create balance between both the bitter and sweet. I found that it was maybe too sweet in the end.



Introducing – How NOT to read instructions, by Beeju


Poppin Cookin
This is a DIY candy kit where you make the candy, then put it in one of the cones. I messed this up in the worst possible way, by not properly looking at the illustrations on the package. It comes with two colors of “ice cream,” sprinkles, a mixing spoon, 2 wafers, 2 cones, a boat, and a piping bag.


Can anyone see my first, second and third mistake!? 😀



okashiomgnoThis is sorta what the end result is supposed to look like (it totally isn’t). So I messed up a lot. Like, a looooot a lot. Firstly, the little side pocket that I had the sprinkles in was for the water. I added entirely too much water and made it into this weirdly textured goop instead of what it was supposed to be, which was a taffy like thing that would be malleable enough to pipe with the piping bag into the ice cream cones. I don’t even know what I made. An abomination, let’s go with that.

This, is the very reason why Beeju doesn’t do video reviews. My apologies to the Japanese candy industry. I’ll gladly be your American poster child for how not to do this.


Okashi Connection is an excellent subscription box, filled with different candies, limited edition candies, new candies and stuff you may never get to try. I’ll say this has to be my favorite of all the Japanese Candy boxes out there right now. There were a lot of laughs had with this box, and  lot of new favorites, and a lot of things I’d never heard of. Okashi Connection does have a cap on new subscriptions, but as of this writing they do have some openings. The admins are super friendly, and the cost is great for the sheer variety of items you get.

If interested, Okashi Connection is 22$ a month, the cut off is the last day of the month, and you can sign up by clicking here.



5 thoughts on “Okashi Connection – July 2014 Review

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  4. LOL! i love this post! you are too funny! my son would LOVE this box (especially the candy!!)


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