Allure Sample Society – August Spoiler!

*sigh* They got me. I’ve been avoiding this box for months, I couldn’t give you a logical or rational reason as to why, but I’ve been dodging it. The reboot looked amazing but I held strong. I was tough. I was proud of myself. But this, this just wasn’t fair. This was the low blow to end all low blows. This was just cruel.


Every August #SampleSociety box recipient will receive a deluxe size Too Faced Cosmetics Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in ‘Melted Peony’. This liquid lipstick delivers serious color payoff that lasts.

Not a member yet? Sign up by 8/5 for the August box (only $15/month!)


Gosh diddly darn it. They ship on August 5th so I’ll have my full review later. Sample Society is 15$ a month and you can sign up here.


23 thoughts on “Allure Sample Society – August Spoiler!

  1. I was avoiding this box as well since it seemed skincare heavy but just seeing this sneak peak killed me. Needless to say, I subscribed immediately…


  2. Thanks for the information hun!


  3. Hmmm this might join my already long addictive list of boxes….


  4. If I hadn’t just bought three meme boxes in the past 24 hours, I would be all over this. Now I just need to forget about this until after 8/5!


    • ugh, yeah… that’s definitely not a good thing lol


    • Kudos to your willpower! @_@ With Memebox Cute Wishlist 2 out and now this, someone is really trying to taunt me in the WORST way.


      • willpower?! no, not me! i up up to 4 memeboxes now without ever having received one yet lol… on top of the 30+ other boxes i get monthly… like i said, my husband is just sad haha


        • 30+ other boxes!? Good gracious woman… do you have a blog or some other reveal platform!? I … I would love to see these magical wonders

          I’ve got 6 Memeboxes coming, 4 of which are in August at least.

          These boxes are like drugs. Sheesh.


          • lol! i have a slight addiction to boxes 🙂 i have a very extensive excel spreadsheet in which i keep track of everything lol… i don’t have a blog… i would love one, but there are sooo many others out there. i don’t think i could keep up with the competition. for now, i just love seeing what everyone else gets and love reading the comments!


          • Every blog is different, they’ve all got spots! 😀 The most I’ve ever subscribed to is 15 at once, then I got really confused because I have a bad habit of not noticing until well after the payment had been taken out. Oof. I was going over my list to see what to cancel so I could get Sample Society and legit just went “I still have that? Did I get that box yet?” over half the list.

            If you ever do decide to get into blogging, I wanna be your first subscriber! I wouldn’t worry about competition when you have over 30 boxes you can review, I’m sure you’d get tons of fans very, very quickly 😛 I started mine with only Birchbox, Ipsy and Skoshbox.


          • thank you for the encouragement! i’m not quite sure how to even start… plus i’m a perfectionist, so everything would have to be perfect! i would love to get my boxes for free or discounted prices. you are really getting me thinking! your encouragement means a ton to me, and i love reading your posts… you’re doing an awesome job!!


          • D’aww you’re sweet! Thank youuuuu for the kindness!

            There’s a LOT of stuff I’d love to do to my blog that I can’t because I’m using WordPress as my host, but yeah.. I’d make this layout vastly different if I wasn’t moderately lazy. If I paid for my own host I’d be able to do a lot more. Same goes for Blogspot blogs.

            Freebies are always fun! I’ve been pretty fortunate to get the review boxes that I have. I know some bloggers contact the companies directly but they’ve always contacted me.

            If you ever need help with a blog I’d be happy to 😀


    • 😦 I’m both sad and thrilled. lol


      • lol! i feel your pain! i wasn’t too excited about the first spoiler (hair product), but i was dying to try the melted lip gloss, too… this will be my first box with them. i can never say no to a good beauty box 🙂 my husband is, well, just sad lol


        • I love anything Too Faced, so it could have been the most god awful shade of anything and I would have instantly subbed. Stupid beauty box knowing my weakness. 😦 I didn’t care for the hair mousse either. :/ I bought the 5 for 25 deal they had awhile ago and those boxes really didn’t wow me (probably because they were all duplicates of each other), but this is … this is good. Even if I stay for one month, that gloss is worth it.

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