Thursday Thoughts

TTGood-copyLinking up with Jen @ Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts.

Where did the week go? I think I lost a Tuesday somewhere along the way because I legit kept thinking it was Monday all week. Maybe it felt like a Monday? I don’t know but I’m kind of thrilled that it’s Thursday already. Kinda scared too because I just wonder what I did during that day I was missing. Clearly not anything worthwhile, but that’s pretty much everyday.

I started using the puppy stick markers from the July Kawaii Box at work and look, they’re adorable!


Keeping me organized, one mutt at a time’

I want to order the other sets of these. Kawaii Box sent out random ones, the most common ones I’ve seen are the zoo animals. Do these come in kitten form? I need them in kitten form. No no, I need them in kitten form.

I need to get more organized with my box spoils. I currently have two over the door organizers, but I want to get another that’s just a three set of wicker baskets for my closet door. I’ll probably keep all the makeup bags and all my hair tools (all 2 of them) in them. I also have a rotating organizer from QVC, and a set of three plastic drawers plus some acrylic trays. I need to redo my bathroom in the worst way. Someday, someday I’ll get ambitious enough to paint.


You can spot every BB5 item I’ve ever received

The left white thing was on a clearance rack at Walmart a few years ago. It’s for dorms. The right black one is one of those roll up makeup organizers which I got for Christmas one year. I use an instyler on my hair, do any of you? I’ve had mine for years and it’s been the only tool that actually works for me. Show me how you organize your stuff! I love seeing them for organization ideas. 😀

I give up on Lip Factory actually arriving in the month it’s supposed to. I dunno about you guys but that whole “YOUR PACKAGE HAS SHIPPED!” when the tracking has nothing more than an electronic shipping notification on it doesn’t mean shipped to me. It’s been that way for days. Days I tell you. Last month it took a week before it finally moved out of their warehouse. So many companies do this though, and I know it hinges on whenever USPS decides to pick up the shipments, but I wish they would be a little more like ipsy and not send the tracking until it actually moves. Or arrives. You know, classic ipsy.

Future Programming –

Reviews Coming Soon: Nibblr, MyKandyBox Mini
Boxes Arriving whenever the heck they feel like it: Lipstick Crate, Lip Factory, Okashi Connection

Bonus ramble – Any of you ever played Tiny Death Star?

photo 1

I promise it’s not actually that tiny

it’s kind of like Tiny Tower. It’s for iOS, but I know Tiny Tower is for Android. Go play it!


4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. i had hanging things and i cried uncle and bought two alex organizers from ikea. best ever.


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