Nibblr – Mini-Review July 2014

Nibblr is a snacking service that’s very similar to Graze. They’re both 6$ a shipment, and they both have pre-packaged snacks. There are a few differences though; Nibblr has fewer options than Graze, but more fruit, cheeses and breads. Graze has more “health-conscious” options and a diet box option.


6$ A Week – Free Shipping!


Each Nibblr box contains 4 snacks from a random assortment. You can influence the assortment sent to you by hitting don’t send on each individual snack option. They have different options depending on the season. Warning: obnoxiously large photos ahead (FOR DETAIL!)


Cheesy Crostini
These are cheddar and asiago cheese crisps, and they’re incredibly sharp. Woof. Dunno that I’d get these again.

nibblrberryBerry’s Hat Trick
Love the blueberry pomegranate fruit pieces, they’re the little rectangle blocks. I’d love a whole bag of those by themselves to be honest.


Georgia On My Mind
Oof these have a kick. These are quite spicy, and a little over powering for me personally, but still a pretty decent snack.


Neopolitan is a newer offering from Nibblr, and it’s excellent. Everything tastes like tart strawberries. I don’t much like the dried strawberry pieces themselves because they are overly tart, but the cookies are really good. Love this.


If interested in Nibblr, it’s 6$ per shipment, you can choose the time of shipment, and you can also get your first box free by using my referral code 8238. You’ll get your first box in about 2 weeks after sign up.




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