Luna For You – July 2014 Review

NOTE: As of December 2014, Luna for You is now defunct. If you’ve been charged and have not received a box, contact your issuer or paypal to request a chargeback. Luna for You has deleted their website and social media handles, they’re not coming back.

Good golly. This little box managed to cause more drama than the Lip Monthly one did. Luna For You isn’t a “new” subscription and it certainly isn’t as new as Lip Monthly; they’ve been around since December.


Luna For You
10$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships Mid-Month via USPS

This box had some weird stuff going on this month, which is unusual. A large chunk of subscribers never got tracking information. Several boxes arrived with damaged and/or missing items. Luna For You tried to compensate by agreeing to do a series of giveaways, since they couldn’t replace boxes. The masses retaliated all over her facebook wall. Each box had a variety of items, some universal among all boxes, some random. Luna For You arrives in a black box, in a standard bubble mailer. It also had no packing material besides tissue paper.

lunaglossEssence Mini Lipgloss in Nude – 0.33 Cents
This is a discontinued item from 2011. Essence is a European brand, known for their lip products and nifty packaging. This lipgloss smells very nice and is pretty sheer.


Wet ‘n Wild Kohl Brow/Eyeliner Pencil – 1.49$
This item is part of a multi-pak of two pencils, and it’s about 3 years old. It’s still sold at Walgreens. I don’t use eyeliners due to that pesky dexterity issue, and it’s too dark to be a brow pencil (I have red hair). I’m just kinda neutral to this. It smeared quite a bit after swatching.

lunapoppop beauty Lovely Little Liners Jewel Toned – Alluring Amethyst – 1$
I’m really not crazy about the pop beauty brand but I do like the color of this eyeliner. It’s a deep purple with a lot of shimmer. If I ever wore eyeliner I’d go for it. Shame it too, is discontinued.


Wet ‘n Wild Color Icon Bronzer 741A Princess – 1$
Apologies for the photo, I had to turn this on its side so I wouldn’t get light glare. It’s unopened; I’m gifting it because I have about 3 other bronzers open right now. It’s also discontinued.


Hard Candy Intensif-Eye Radiant Shadow Stick – Moody – .50 Cents
Not only is this a discontinued product, but they sell it in bulk on eBay and ACW. I do love the color, though many people have commented on how it’s very difficult to pull off. I feel like if it’s muted down a bit it’s useable, but I’m sure there’s also people much more daring than I am. This retailed for 6$ when it was sold in WalMart – I listed the bulk price from eBay. It’s a very highly pigmented cream shadow that’s literally the color of the tube, if not brighter.


stila Eye Shadow Duo – Borealis – 1.99$
One of the most expensive items in the box is also one of the oldest. This is an offering from 2006. This product caused a TON of controversy when people got it because these are refills, not in a compact, and most people assumed they were broken because they often arrived popped out of the plastic casing. I love the colors. The left is more of a light, powdery blue and the right is a dark, almost plum like color despite looking navy in the pan.

lunaswatchFrom top to bottom – Nude Lipgloss, Light Borealis, Dark Borealis, Kohl Eyeliner, Alluring Amethyst Eyeliner, Hard Candy Moody


So this box is basically Lip Monthly only with a variety of products instead of all lip products, less full size items and better customer service. Luna For You’s previous boxes have been reportedly better; this being my first box I couldn’t willingly make that comparison, but I will comment that the owner very recently had a baby and that could be the reasoning behind the very poor curation. This box has a value of about 6.50$, depending on what number you chose to use for the Hard Candy. Regardless, it’s all discontinued items except for possibly the Kohl eyeliner, and it’s all found on ACW. I paid 8.50$ for it because of Kim Fudge’s coupon (ILOVEKIM – May not still be active), so I’m not irritated about the price. I did get some items I’ll actually use. I would approach this one with caution though, since everything is discontinued and there are people with missing and broken items.

I’ll stick around with Luna For You for another month or two, just in case this was a fluke due to her having a baby and perhaps not having enough time to dictate curation. This box is regularly 10$ per month with free shipping if interested.

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