Lip Monthly – July 2014 Review

Lip Monthly has had issues from its inception; wonderful concept but very poor execution literally made this box become a “feed it to the wolves” scenario every time it arrived. Shortly after the June box, a survey was sent out asking for feedback on how Lip Monthly could improve the overall box. This is the July box, and the July box is a moderate improvement over the June.


Lip Monthly
10$ Per Month – Free Shipping!

Ships Mid-Month Via USPS

First off, there were variations on boxes this month. We posted a brand spoiler awhile back, and only received two of those brands. There’s a couple of things still plaguing Lip Monthly, like the very NOT USEFUL and TOTALLY NOT FUNCTIONAL size of their boxes. Only one-two items fit in the box itself, the rest are stuffed haphazardly into a white envelope. One of the comments I wrote Lip Monthly when she asked for feedback was to make the size of the box itself larger so that she wouldn’t need the white envelope itself, or at least make the boxes big enough to fit all the items she sends. I’m just guessing here, but I think it’s a way to save money, since you’re classifying it as an envelope instead of a box with the USPS.

lipcardEach box comes with a tiny info card, detailing the items, and an announcement that Lip Monthly will eventually start selling products on their site.

lipcityCity Color Lip Lush Pencil – Wine – 2.99$
I didn’t open this because the color is entirely too dark and I’m swapping it, but it’s a nice sized pencil that appears to be at least from this current decade.

lipstila liporange

stila Lip Glaze Stick – Orange – 3-5$
This item is 100% discontinued. It’s also one of the items Lip Monthly will be throwing in their shop for 6.99$. All Cosmetics Wholesale has this same pencil in a different color for 4.99$. I love the stila brand but I don’t much care for lip pencils. This is also untested because Orange tends to look worse on me than Wine does, so it’ll probably go up on swaps too. The color is more red-orange with a gold glitter. Disclaimer: Do your research. This is a discontinued item. Check prices. Don’t spend more than you have to.

lipbalmCity Color Lip Balm – Light Pink – 2.99$
Another item from this decade! This had a rather pungent odor that I was simply not comfortable with, so it too, went unswatched and will go unused. I’ll probably just trash it to be honest – I don’t think it’s moldy but it’s not a sweet smell in any way. This item was 100% sealed when I got it so it’s entirely possible I just got a bad one. I’m not going to pin that one on Lip Monthly, since that’s more of a quality control issue with the manufacturer. It could be perfectly fine too, for all I know.

lipappealAppeal Cosmetics – Red Light District – 22$
I did find this on the Appeal Cosmetics website, though it was completely sold out, probably due to Lip Monthly orders. Appeal Cosmetics is also appearing in this months Boxycharm. I don’t have much to say about this other than it’s a total “Hooker Red,” and it is at least, from this decade. I will make the comment that this was a little difficult to find through google, probably because it was sold out, but it kept insisting on sending me to ebay and Amazon listings. Appeal Cosmetics’ site design isn’t great though, so it’s entirely possible that it’s an indexing issue. It’s is much more of a “true red” and is very bright.


John Frieda Frizz-Ease Straight Fixation Smoothing Cream
Lip Monthly sends all lip products plus one non-lip exclusive per month. This item is actually from 2009, but John Frieda still sells it, though with a different formulation and packaging design. I found that it just totally weighed my hair down, but creams tend to do that with thick hair anyway.


I originally had a lengthy monologue here that detailed a lot of issues with Lip Monthly. Clearly I’ve removed it, but if you’re interested, I’ll direct you to this Make Up Talk Topic. This is honestly one subscription I don’t recommend joining for a few months – at least not until all their major problems are cleared up. They’re still sending out discontinued products, and their customer service is ridiculously sketchy. It’s actually borderline awful. Overall I do think this box has considerably improved from their May and June offerings. Being that this is only their third box, they still have a lot of room for improvement.

If you’re really interested, Lip Monthly is 10$ per month. Use code SUMMERLIPS to get your first box at a discount. Sign up by the last day of the month to get the next months box.

Beeju paid for this subscription. All opinions are my own. Affiliate link enclosed.

8 thoughts on “Lip Monthly – July 2014 Review

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  2. Thanks for this great, honest review. The concept sings to me, but if the execution is poor, it just isn’t worth it. I’ll be skipping this one!


    • Ah gosh, thank you! I hope these guys improve next month. I’d hate for them to revert back to their June box ways. :/ This could be a really amazing box if they’d stop sending out discontinued/old stuff.


  3. Great review. I think I will pass on this box!


    • Probably for the best right now – one semi-good box doesn’t make up for two really bad boxes. I have a feeling these guys are gonna go back to their old ways in another box or two. :/


  4. I was thinking of signing up however think I may wait for you to review next months! Thank you for posting 🙂


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