Kawaii Box – July 2014 Review

So, a few weeks ago I was looking for a new box to subscribe to that wasn’t beauty related, decently priced yet still held my very random interests. Many a search were had and there were several contenders, but in the end, June’s adorable plush octopus pushed us over the edge. Introducing, Kawaii Box.


Kawaii Box
18.90$ Per Month (Includes Shipping)
Ships Early in Month from Singapore – Delivers via USPS

This got here lightning fast from overseas; a medium sized box filled with cute goodies! Kawaii literally translates to cute, so in essence is a “Cute Box.” Cute indeedy. This is a box that sends out several “cute” items per month from Japan and Korea. The July box had 11 different items.


We ❤ you too Kawaii Box. Kawaii Box doesn’t come with an info card detailing what everything is, so there are some pop culture references that most people may not get, such as obscure “popular in another country” characters or shapes. Either way, all items are guaranteed cute, and cute always trumps whether or not you know what a character is from.


First look is shows us there’s a huge STRAWBERRY in here. The box itself actually smells quite nice, and while I’m not 100% sure this is the reason, the strawberry may be scented. Each item is diluted once smelled originally (yes I smelled the box, shush).


Strawberry Charm
sTRAWBERRY be HUGE! This has a charm on it which you can link on to well, practically anything, except the sheer bulk on this may deter you from linking it onto something small, like a phone.  Easily the bulkiest item in the box, definite cute factor. It’s plush. I kind of want to manufacture this into a charm to hang in my car around the rear view mirror. That’s one way to cute up a van, right?


Strawberry Barrettes
These are really adorable barrettes, and they have some heft to them. They’re a little out of my demographic so I won’t wear them but I know my goddaughter will love them!


Bow Dust Plug
This is another bulky item. The shape reminds me a lot of some certain vocaloid characters. It fits into any standard headphone jack and instantly sends the cuteness factor through the roof.



I thiiiiiiink this is an eraser? Regardless it splits into thirds, and it arrived with a little debris. I didn’t try and see if it worked as an eraser, but if it is, it’s the cutest little eraser ever.

kawaiibearRilakkuma Phone Charm
SO SQUISHY! I love this little charm! It has the appearance and texture of baked bread, and is just small enough to fit comfortably on any device. He’s completely squishable, so it sort of doubles as a stress ball. I love the look and feel of this little charm.


kawaiipuppy2Puppy Stick Markers
Okay yeah, I work in a highly professional office setting in the accounting department. I AM ACTIVELY USING THESE AND IT HAS INCREASED MY DESKS CUTE FACTOR 234098234%. I know these come in different animals, and I must have them. “Beth do you have the files for this account?” “IT’S MARKED BY THE SHIBA. THE SHIBA WILL LEAD YOU IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.”

I will do this, given the opportunity.

kawaiipencilPanda Mechanical Pencil
I legit don’t even remember the last time I used a mechanical pencil. This is a very thin pencil; the led is only 0.5mm, and it writes well enough while being absolutely adorable. I’ll have to incorporate this into my work day.


Panda Sleeping Mask
In keeping up with the bears/pandas theme, we have a sleeping mask! I don’t think I’ve ever actually owned a sleeping mask. This isn’t 100% light blocking but it is comfortable! It’s also very useful for panda impressions.


Kawaii Box tends to send out a variety of stationary items, and that includes a lot of stickers. These are a little too much for my office, but they’ll do just fine for letters I write my little goddaughter! She’d probably love them to play with herself. They’re raised embossed stickers.


Bear Cinch Bag
This is probably about half the size of a regular cinch bag. It’s actually quite useful for smaller items and would be an excellent carry case for makeup or storage. I really like the size. I didn’t know these bags came this small. It’s currently serving as adorable storage for all my adorable loot.

kawaiihichewJuicy Peach Hi-Chew
Hi-Chew is a Japanese taffy-like candy, broken into separate pieces. This is excellent! I love hi-chew anyway, but I’ve never had the pleasure of tasting the peach flavor. It’s absolutely amazing and I need like, 50 more of these, stat.



I legit need like 100 more of the post-it flags, the Rilakkuma, and the hi-chew. I’m mighty pleased with this box, it being my first from this company, and I can see myself being subscribed for many a month ahead. Kawaii Box isn’t exactly brand new, but it is a newer offering overall. If you love cute, you’ll love this box. If interested, Kawaii Box is 18.90$ per month, and they accept payments from Pay Pal.


Beeju purchased this subscription. All opinions are my own. Cute warps my mind.



10 thoughts on “Kawaii Box – July 2014 Review

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  2. When do they normally ship? I ordered mine in the beginning of this month and still haven’t received it. I’m from Washington.


    • They ship the first of every month, but the cut off is the 30th of the month before. Since you ordered in the beginning of July your first box won’t be until August


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  4. I love your comment “cute warps my mind” ! Haha! That is true for me as well.


  5. Poop. I’m gonna have to get in on this one soon I think. Stupid cute stuff. Making me spend all my stupid money.


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