Korean Cosmetics Mini-Haul

I’m a fairly easy person to figure out when it comes to cosmetics. As long as the package is either A) Adorable, or B) Shiny, I’m sold. Yeah, I’m pretty easy to please. I’m not 100% sure how I came across TonyMoly but a quick Amazon search later and I was sold on a lot of products. Along the way I also found what has easily become one of my top three brands, Skinfood.


TonyMoly Cat’s Wink Clear Pact #1 Clear Skin – 8$
I bought this since it had SO many excellent reviews, thinking that maybe I could use it as an alternative to my expensive Too Faced Amazing Face compact which is running out. Sadly I cannot. It’s not nearly as creamy as that compact, and it’s a lighter shade. This compact only came in two shades (the first thing you’ll notice is that all Korean cosmetics have a very limited color profile), and the first one, pictured here, is much more of a porcelain shade. I’ll still use it since it wasn’t expensive at all, but next time I’ll get the darker shade. Still totally useable, and absolutely adorable.


TonyMoly Pocket Bunny Mist – Sleek – 10$
This comes in two varieties, sleek and moist. Sleek is for oily skin and moist is for dry. I didn’t know this when ordering and got the wrong one. Overall this smells amazing and leaves a very pretty dewy shine. You can also use it as a makeup setting spray. The bottle is reusable too! I think this may be coming in the “My Cute Wishlist” Memebox, as the promo image has a subtle bunny spray in it.

petitbunnyTonyMoly Petit Gloss Bar – Peach – 8$
This is so tiny! They recently started selling these in urban outfitter stores, and they’re wonderful. There isn’t much that makes them different than any other lip balm though. They have a mild tint and smell wonderful, but there are other, better balms out there, but not nearly as cute.


honeypotSkinfood Honey Pot Lip Balm – #1 Berry Pot – ~5$
I just may have a holy grail item here. This is a teeny little honey pot with a wooden applicator, and it smells like honey coated berries. It’s very, very lightly tinted, and it’s easy to overdo it because it’s a bit goopy. However, it’s so super hydrating. I’ve been using it in place of chapstick and lip balm for around 3 days and it’s completely healed any dry lip issues. I normally use it before bed. It’s incredibly shiny too. This comes in two other colors/flavors. It’s tiny though, but a little goes a long way. It lasts around two hours before wearing off, not including food and drink.


Skinfood Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder – 15$
SO MUCH LOOOOVE. This and the honeypot solidified Skinfood as one of my top favorite brands. It smells like candied peaches, and goes on much like a highlighter. The sifter removes to reveal a very finely milled powder as well. I use the puff on my cheeks and it adds just enough glow. I can’t say enough good things about this, and will buy another very soon!


TonyMoly Cat’s Wink TokTok Stick Balm – 15$ and TonyMoly Panda Brightening Eye Base – 10$
The TokTok balm is to be directly applied to dry skin. You can use it on either face or lips. I’ve got a lot of dry skin around my T-zone and have since applied this. It does help the dry skin considerably and has helped the texture, bit it’s VERY oily. I’d almost argue that it’s slightly uncomfortable to wear around. To apply you just swipe it on the dry spots and leave it to dry. It’s a clear balm. It does work, if you can get over the oily feeling. It takes roughly an hour to dry as well.

The Panda is for under eye circles! Isn’t that adorable! Unlike the toktok balm, this is more of a white lotion. You apply it directly to under eye circles and massage it in. It works wonders, and it very hydrating. It doesn’t dry clear so it needs to be blended in pretty well unless you like looking like a reverse raccoon.


Free samples! I also have a red panda hand lotion on order that’s just not come in yet. All the links are to the same amazon sellers I used to order the items. If you live near an Urban Outfitters, I suggest checking there first as you can get these much faster and probably cheaper. Same for ebay, some items are considerably cheaper on ebay, but beware of dupes. All my items arrived new and sealed.



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