KitNipBox – July 2014 Review

KitNipBox is a newer subscription offering, July is their third box, and it’s just for cats! It’s an affordable box for cats!


9$/19$/29$ – Free Shipping!
Ships First of Month via USPS
Bills Only Once Shipped

*Warning, post is photo heavy*

KitNipBox is easily one of my favorite boxes because of it’s affordability, and it’s curation. KitNipBox makes it a point to support artisans and kitties in need. Their boxes come in three levels: Starter (9$), Happy Cat (19$), and Multi-Cat (29$). The difference in boxes denotes the addition of extra items and toys. KitNipBox very kindly upgraded me to the Multi-Cat box this month. Just like last months photos, a lot of these are going to be action shots.


knbjulybox2This months theme is 4th of July! Each box came wrapped in patriotic tissue paper, and a nifty little card! The items inside are (mostly) patriotic themed! Yippee!

knbjulycard knbjulycard2

These guys are great. I highly suggest you follow their facebook/twitter, as they often post coupons and giveaways. Not to mention they are cat fanatics and post lots of kitty pics!



This months box was packed with goodies in a sheer bag. Underneath the paper is an info sheet detailing the items inside, broken into sections detailing what you’d get depending on what box you ordered, who made it, and what organization it supports if applicable.




All four of my furbabies were hounding me for this package, so I dumped it out on the floor for them to ravage (and mom got to keep the bag! For necessities!)


knbjulyalltoysLook at all those goodies and whiskers! This months Multi-Cat box contained 9 items, Starter contained 4, and Happy Cat contained 7.


Multi-Colored Fur Weasel Fun Toy For Cats
I thought this was a dancer at first because it was stuffed in a plastic bag, but it’s a weasel! It’s super soft and has the face of a mouse toy.
Verdict: Hit!
This is an excellent item for bunny kicks! It’s sadly unbranded, though. A little catnip spray makes this the most popular toy in the house.


Laser Cat Toy
Verdict: Hit!
Love! This comes with batteries, a keychain, and 4 interchangeable images. Only one of my cats loves laser lights, but she went absolutely ballistic over this. Seems like the batteries in these things constantly go out so it’s really nice to have a spare. It’s also an excellent way to keep your cats active, especially if they’re indoor only cats.

Pet Greens Semi-Moist
Verdict: Hit!
Another excellent indoor kitty item! My cats were kinda meh about this at first, except Luna, who has a nasty habit of chewing on fake flowers. The few times I grew cat grass she went nuts over the pot and would eat the sprouts, making a HUGE mess. These are such a nice alternative. Artemis seemed to enjoy them alright but the other two girls couldn’t be bothered.


Beadle Bop & Company Taco Catnip Toy x2
Cat Whiskers
Verdict: Mega Hit!

This toy is so cute! It’s a taco, filled with catnip. Every single cat fought over this. Part of the thing I love about this is the description, “A Taco Catnip toy from an artist/student living in Wisconsin. She makes each toy by hand and adds fresh catnip.” They’re very well made and I love all the “toppings” popping out the top. I’d love to order more of these but the Etsy shop seems a bit bare. Taco’s are always welcome in our household.
As for the whiskers, they’re made of cardboard! The same type found in scratchers. They loved chewing on them.



For Paws and Home Homemade Crochet Flower
Verdict: Semi-Hit!
This is easily caught in the cats claws, but the toy is still fun. Spray it with a bit of catnip spray, and it’s that much more enticing. It dangles off the generously long string. From the info card: “From an Artisan who picked up her talent from her Grandmother. Her dream is to have a large farm and rescue center, but until then, she actively sends donations such as toys, beds, and blankets to kitties in need.” That’s what I love about KitNipBox, it introduces you to people doing such good. This makes me want to make some toys to donate.

Ms Bekkah’s Corner Crochet Mouse Toy
Verdict: Hit!
We got a similar offering last month from Ms Bekkah, in the form of a ball. This mouse is too cute though, and is very well made. She donates a portion of her creations to animal welfare organizations on a monthly basis and uses recycled yarn. I love that both of these items are so patriotic.

Patriotic Cat Pin
This was an extra from the KitNipBox team, and says to wear your pin on the 4th as a symbol of your pride as a USA cat parent!


Business Catual Bowtie
I love that this bowtie is also patriotic themed (according to their Instagram, it was part of a special order by KNB for the July boxes), and it’s so cute! Instant dapper factor increase. They also sell bowties in kitten sizes, and 9% of the profits go to no kill animal welfare organizations. How wonderful is that!

knbjulyartebowtie knbjulyartebow

Apologies for the blurry photo, he would not sit still. The bowtie tends to turn on its side at times too. It just slides on over the collar.



The box makes an excellent toy too. If they fits they sits!


If interested, KitNipBox is either 9$/19$/29$ and you can get 15% off from now until July 4th with code JULY4TH and still get July’s box! I love KitNipBox, and so do my cats. Beeju highly recommends it!


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