Lip Factory – June 2014 Review

Oof this got here late this month. There was a clear shipping delay, or hangup, or some sort of issue because it kept going back to Orlando until finally getting routed my way.


Lip Factory
22$ Per Month – Free Shipping
Ships End of Month via USPS
Option to Buy Past Boxes


Lip Factory is one of my favorite boxes. I had an account issue earlier in the month and their customer service was excellent in assisting me in resolving it. Lip Factory sends 4-6 Full Size products each month, and shipping starts around the 15th. Lip Factory sends out a quarterly box that’s all about the lips that many speculated would be this month, but it didn’t happen. New speculation suggests it’s July’s box but that’s also their one year anniversary so it’s unknown how that will go.

lfjucardEach box comes with an info card detailing the items and their retail price. There is a style profile as well, which does a pretty good job of matching everyone to their tastes, but will occasionally have some misses.


June’s box came with 6 items.

lfjueyelinerModel Co. Eye Define Eye Pencil – Black – 12$ *

The Lip factory card lists this as 18$, but the website clearly lists 12 (to be fair it doesn’t list sizes). I don’t use eyeliner so this is staying sealed and getting swapped. I’ll have it up on MSA shortly if interested.


29 Cosmetics Line Maker Lip Pencil – Leather – 23$

This is also unused, I knew right away this color would be 100% not for me, so it’ll also go on swaps if interested. I’m sure it’s a perfectly fine item in it’s own right, it’s just entirely too darklfjuserum

BeFine Lip Serum – 10$

This is supposed to have all the benefits of a chapstick but in serum form. It is entirely too goopy, and while it does hydrate, it leaves lips feeling way too uncomfortable from all the extra sludge on it. This would have probably been 100% better executed if it had a different applicator (it’s currently a plastic lip balm one), probably with a brush applicator or a doe foot. Entirely too much formula comes out of the product for uneven and uncomfortable results.


Palladio Nail Strengthener – 6$

I love this stuff! I couldn’t tell you exactly if it works (I don’t have long lustrous nails like the rest of you), but I love the shine. It makes my nails look shiny and healthy and glass like. I’ll use this stuff religiously. I’m actually glad I got this instead of the sunscreen, since I don’t wear nail polish due to having abnormally short nails. This was a better option for me. The sunscreen, for those who got it, is supposed to prevent your nail color from fading in the sun.


Model Co Shine Ultra Lip Gloss – Marshmallow – 16$

Looooove. This adds just enough tint because it’s incredibly sheer, and it smells absolutely amazing. Look! It has a mirror on the side! Genius! This is much larger than other standard tubes of gloss to accompany that mirror, but I love the shine, color, and just the feel of it. Home run, this one is. Cat nose not included.

lfjushadow lfjugirl

Girlactik Eye Shadow – Penny – 19$

I found this incredibly intimidating at first because it’s a copper (hence the name Penny), and copper’s tend to not look good on me. I really like the pigmentation on this and how easy it is to blend, though. It’s a very lovely color and is easy to manage in the event you don’t want it to be too dramatic. I’m not sure it’s entirely for me, but I blend it with another color and it works just fine. It’s very shimmery as well.

lfjuswatchSwatches, Penny on the left, Marshmallow on the right. These two together walked right out of the 1970’s, but they’re very nice when paired with other things. The Model Co gloss for example, is best when layered on top of another lipstick or balm. It’s very shiny.

Overall this wasn’t a home run box for me, but I do love Lip Factory and will continue to subscribe to them for many a moon. The best part about subscription boxes is the fact that you get introduced to foreign brands you may not otherwise have the opportunity to test. Last month Lip Factory gave us Teeez and MeMeMe (both UK), this month we got Model Co. This box had a value of 92$ if you go by Lip Factory’s price, but otherwise it’s 88$. Still an excellent value for the 22$ price tag.

If interested, Lip Factory is 22$ per month, and they process payments through paypal.

Beeju purchased this subscription. There are no referral or affiliate links in this post.


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