Favorites of the Month – June

It’s time for another favorites post! The way this works is you post your favorite items you’ve received during the month. Ours is pathetically short this month because we didn’t get a lot of limited edition boxes, and we’re also missing quite a few June boxes due to shipping delays. This list is in no particular order.


NYX Butter Gloss, and Carol’s Daughter Sacred Tiare Anti-Frizz Cream – IPSY

NYX is one of my most favorite brands and this color has been my go to ever since I got it. It’s only slightly brighter than my own lips and adds the right amount of color and sheen. The Carol’s Daughter has become my “holy grail” product for frizz. I was skeptical when getting it because come on, there’s only 400 anti-frizz products on the market. They sell this at a target, and also have a shampoo and conditioner variety. I need to get to a Target, ASAP.

Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse – BEAUTY BOX 5

The smell is what drew me into this little goodie. I originally posted that I couldn’t use it because it was a curl enhancing product, but the overlords at BB5 assured me that I could use it for any type of hair. It makes my waves all soft. I don’t know that I’d re-buy this (especially since I have the Carol’s Daughter), but I will use the entire bottle.

ncLA Polish – Santa Monica Shore Thing – PETIT VOUR

This seafoam color! This color is what I love most about this. This is one polish that D Lys isn’t getting.


The sale is over, but this was the star of the 8 copy boxes I got. I use this, mainly for the smell, and I’m not sure if it’s actually working or if I’m just perfuming the heck out of everything but I’ll still use it!



Cheryl’s Cookies Buttercream Cookie – ORANGE GLAD

I.NEED.MORE.OF.THESSSSE. I’m a sucker for a good sugar cookie, and this is a damn good sugar cookie.

photo 1Business Catual Bowties – KITNIPBOX

Anything to make my babies look even more adorable is wonderful. My Artemis (pictured above) has been rocking this bowtie ever since he got it in his KitNipBox. They’ve also been way into the catnip pillow ever since. This box has been such a hit.

Total Boxes This Month: 16

Favorite Box – June: KitNipBox
Runner Up – June: Ipsy

What were your favorites this month? What were your duds? Any boxes you’re cancelling/considering? 😀


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