New Japanese Snack Boxes!

My gosh, these have been popping up like weeds lately (We like that!). Here’s just a masterlist of Japanese Snack Boxes we’ve been introduced to in some way (I’ll post this same list in the box listing shortly).

Japan Specific:



Okashi Connection – 22$ Per Month – NEW





Taste Japan£15 Per Month (~25$ USD) – NEW 




Skoshbox – 12$ Per Month (Skoshbox Reviews)
Candy Japan – 25$ Per Month

Cutie Pie Kawaii J-Candy Box – 18$ Per Month
Oyatsu Box – 25$ Per Month

Boxes May Contain Japanese Snacks (No Guarantees) :

MunchPak – Price Varies$
Taste For Sweets – 16$ Per Month (Taste for Sweets Review)

If you know of any I’m missing (I know I am), please contact me or leave a comment. We love snacks!


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