Darby Smart DIY – June 2014 Review

Darby Smart is a monthly box of crafts aimed towards adults. They recently launched wedding crafts too.


Darby Smart DIY
19$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships Mid-Month

DarbySmart has a lot of different crafts on their website, a lot of them look really trendy and fun. Like wood burning. I’d be all over that junk. With the box you get at least one random craft from their website. The June box included two projects, a bracelet and a headband.


I thought that my box was missing something because it arrived completely unsealed. Everything is present and accounted for though.


Each DarbySmart box comes with an info card with information leading to an online tutorial of how to do each project.


The bracelet project contains an adjustable bangle, a random agate stone, glue and craft wire. The instructions say to glue the wire to the agate stone and let it sit for 10 minutes, however my wire went in 40 different directions and was generally behaving like a two year old hyped up on sugar, so I said screw it and improvised. I wrapped that sucker ridiculously tight on this little bangle before the glue dried, like a REBEL.


darbybraceletFinished product. I liked the agate a lot, but I don’t like this look as a fashion statement. I wish I had kept the agate and just re-purposed it somehow. The wire really detracts from the stone itself. Honestly this looked like a throw away project.


Second project was a headband made out of upcycled t-shirts. The ‘yarn’ was soft and there was plenty of it. I like that DarbySmart included artisans from Etsy as well. Gotta support the little guy sometimes!


The instructions say to cut 6 strings at equal length. Then fold them a specific way. Personally I found their descriptions downright confusing, but their photos were easier to follow.

darbyhb3 darbyhbThe instructions ended up cinching into the knot in the second picture. Genius technique I must admit. I pulled mine too tight and I wish I could do more of those knots.


Finished product. I didn’t cut my strings long enough, but this big enough for a child. There’s more than enough string left over for at least another headband so mistakes can be generous. Darby says to use the glue to seal the end strings together (the wrapped part), but I tucked and tied it so I didn’t have to use that glue again.


Both completely projects.

This clearly wasn’t my favorite box ever. I found it to be more than a little lackluster, and have since put my subscription on hold for awhile. Darby has had some major hits in the past (based on other bloggers reviews), but this was just a dud for me personally. I expected more home crafts, like the wood burning kit or etching.

Anyway, if interested, DarbySmart is 19$ a month with free shipping.


3 thoughts on “Darby Smart DIY – June 2014 Review

  1. I really love Darby Smart box as well! I also did a review on my blog check it out if you can: theculturequeen.wordpress.com


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