Thursday Thoughts

TTGood-copyLinking up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for a very late edition of Thursday Thoughts, with pictures! Of cats! and Pandas!

The wedding is over! Honestly I felt it looked very sloppily put together. Her tablecloths weren’t pinned or taped so they wrinkled everywhere. There were spots all over the vases, and the altar just wasn’t centered. Not to mention her photographer clearly couldn’t navigate photoshop, or is not comfortable with any part of it besides the gradient tool. You get what you pay for, I guess. You pay 100$ for a wedding photographer, you’re gonna get low-tier photos. I’m overly critical of design stuff, don’t mind me.

I very recently got into Korean Cosmetics and ordered a ton of TonyMoly and Etude House from Amazon. ONE arrived today (shipping takes 400 years) and look how cute!

fyeahpandaIt’s a panda! For under eye circles! The panda head comes off in a totally non-creepy way and reveals a stick balm. It looks like a chapstick but it’s a white balm that dries clear and immediately nukes dark circles. AND IT’S CUTE. Clearly you know my sole reason for buying this was because of the sheer cuteness factor.

Remember that QVC sale I mentioned a few weeks ago where everything was 5 flex pay? Well I bought a rotating cosmetic organizer and have since organized it quite nicely.
makeorIt was filled up more than that but I got people who raid my things while I’m at work. Ugh. I’ll fill it back up soon I’m sure. The top removes to reveal a shelf too. I need to get hanging shelves for my closet door so I can store my 23487234 ipsy bags and other things that won’t fit in plastic drawers or organizers.

Next month is shaping up to be an amazing month for boxes! I should have the rest of my Korean cosmetics and maybe a few surprises by next week. You can expect my photos to be horrible (more so than usual) because I’m off all next week for vacation.

Reviews Coming Soon: Lip Factory, Candy Japan, Madison Reed, Darby Smart
Boxes Coming Soon: KitNipBox

I know I keep saying I’ll get to Madison Reed THIS week but I legit hate coloring my hair, and Madison Reed has about 30 different components. Darby Smart’s project just kinda bores me but I’ll do it next week.

lunarugsLuna is getting destructive waiting on her July KitNipBox!


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