Petit Vour – June 2014 Review

This has been an absolutely horrific week for boxes. That’s what happens when practically every box you subscribe to has a shipping schedule that’s early in the month. I was divided on whether or not to subscribe to Petit Vour. It’s a cheapish, all-vegan beauty box, filled with deluxe samples and the value is always extraordinary for the 15$ price tag. The box itself is mighty cute too.


Petit Vour
15$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships End of Month via USPS

pvjcardLet me start this out by saying that I’m not vegan, and being a creature of the internet who has shied away from anything beauty related until this past season, I didn’t know vegan beauty was even a thing. Consider me ignorant. I don’t live a vegan lifestyle either; I particularly hate vegetables (yes even in my late 20s) and I love dairy. I won’t touch meat though. I feel dirty reviewing a vegan box when I’m not vegan, like I need to be cleansed or something.

pvjbox2If I have to make one complaint, it’s that the little packing squigglies shed on everything. It’s easily wiped off but it’s a minor annoyance in the beauty boxes.

pvjinfoEach box comes with an information card detailing the full size price of an item, as well as how to earn points and enter little contests. This months box is themed “Bon Voyage,” items well suited for a trip.

pvjmun pvjmun2

Mun No. 1 Aknari Brightening Youth Serum – Full Size Value: $95

The site claims that a full size bottle of this lasts several months; by that reasoning, this tube should last a week or longer. The info card says to apply evenly to cleansed face every evening for an even complexion. I hope I don’t end up loving this stuff because that 95$ price tag hurts me right in the wallet. I do love that it’s organic though, and it smells amazing. This is the type of product you’d want to put on your face, since it’s natural and you know exactly what is in it. This seems to be getting stellar reviews too.

pvjnailncLA Santa Monica Shore Thing – Retail Value: 16$

This is described as a creme finish, 5-free luxury nail polish. I love the pretty seafoam green color and the formula seems like any other polish, perhaps a bit on the thicker side. I don’t use polish because I have no nails or dexterity, but this looks like a fun practice color on toes. It’s very summery too, which I like.

pvjharveyHarvey Prince Yogini Eau de Parfum 8.8ml Rollerball – Retail Value: $35

I got this in a sample form in a previous Birchbox. Honestly I really like Harvey Prince, he has some of the nicest smelling perfumes you’ll ever find. Yogini however, is probably my least favorite scent.
The website actually says: “The scent of liberation.

Get whisked away by Yogini, the fragrance that calms the mind, soothes the soul, and frees the spirit.”

Maybe I’m too high strung to be calmed and free and that’s why this scent and I just don’t get along. I have this up on MSA swaps if interested. It’s unused, but the box arrived dented.

pvjevolveEvolvh Ultra Shine Moisture Shampoo/Conditioner – Full Size 17$ each

This smells absolutely fantastic. The moisture shampoo’s can leave your scalp feeling gunky and itchy, so I hope that isn’t the case with this one (the reviews claim to the contrary at least). I’ve been looking for a new shampoo to take care of my overly frizzball hair. This company also has the option to subscribe to receive auto-deliveries of their products. I love that Petit Vour sent out the same size samples of both Shampoo and Conditioner.

Overall I was very impressed with the offerings in this Petit Vour box. I’m not sure what it is to be honest; I know I constantly complain about the overabundance of moisturizers and shampoos and face creams but I think the curation in this box is excellent. A note, people seem to be getting a different item in place of the Harvey Prince. My Subscription Addiction got a Tay Balancing Cleanser instead and others have gotten a different perfume. The ncLA also appears to vary in color.

If interested, Petit Vour is 15$ per month and ships around the 20th.

Beeju purchased this subscription. All thoughts are my own.


3 thoughts on “Petit Vour – June 2014 Review

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  2. My box is identical to the one here. I really am very happy with it, it was my first box and I can’t wait to get more. I am not the biggest fan of the Yogini, but I’m going to give it a shot. Scents tend to smell different on so I’m going to wear it a bit. But, it is way strong when you smell from the roller.


    • It was my first box too, and I do love almost everything 😀 It’s not nearly as strong when put on but still a bit too strong for me. Harvey Prince has a fragrance called Hello, I wouldn’t mind a rollerball of that one. :3

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