Thursday Thoughts

TTGood-copyLinking up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts.

Tomorrow is the big day! It’s my friends wedding! Yesterday was rehearsal! IT WAS TERRIBLE.

A huge time waster, because I wasn’t even needed there. I’ve been downgraded 300 different ways this wedding, which is fine, but geez, way to make a girl feel unwanted. At rehearsal yesterday she barely spoke to me as well. Do you have those friends who act one way around you then act a completely different way around someone else? Yeah she’s doing that with me and the other bridesmaid. Seriously yesterday there was such a weird pack mentality that I was literally an outsider. I felt like cauliflower in the middle of a broccoli forest.

In news not pertaining to the fact that Beeju needs better friends –

Vacation starts soon! My company is a supplier for coal mines, and the mines get a full week of for the 4th. As a result, we can’t sell our product so we get a week off too! Yay! I get a tiny little bonus too which is nice, and needed. I need to build my savings back up. Like in a bad way. School starts in August and I have to buy books. Very overpriced books I probably won’t use. Ugh. I can’t wait to start my Master’s Degree though.

In Beeju needs to stop making impulse purchases at 4AM news –

I got my sample society boxes! Except they’re all the same box. No variety at all. I’m mailing them back and will order a RANDOM 5 PACK when they credit. Ugh. I’ve had a bad week, can you tell? lol.

In Beeju’s not getting boxes news –

Unfortunately I’m hitting a bit of a dry spell on boxes this week. I’m only missing two that haven’t shipped yet, so reviews will probably go back to snacks for awhile until the boxes pick back up. That’s the problem with getting all the goodies early in the month, it seems like forever until you get the next set! I do need to make a post about my mini-hautelook and bbw hauls though, which I’ll do once I finally get my NYX hautelook set. HauteLook takes way too long to ship.

Boxes Coming Soon: Petit Vour, Lip Factory, CandyJapan
Reviews Coming Soon: Darby Smart, Madison Reed (FOR REALSIES THIS TIME)



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