Sample Society Warehouse Sale!

sampleIf you’re one of those people that blog hops like mad to find the best deal and read the latest review, then you already know that I am extraordinarily late with this deal posting. I’m so late that you’re not going to get the best deal possible and that makes me a sad panda.

Beauty Bar is having a warehouse sale of their Sample Society boxes, which is a monthly subscription box that costs 15$ per month. You can choose to buy one box for 10$, or in multiples of 2 for 15$, which is half off the monthly price anyway, so it’s essentially a BOGO sale. You save even more by using code BBTWITTER to get an additional 15$ off plus free 2-day shipping with any 50$ purchase. You only need to add 50$ worth of merchandise to get the coupon to activate, and you can mix-and-match with the 10$ box or with products in Beauty Bar’s shop. If you buy multiples, I suggest buying one of each set. All the boxes in one set are the same, so if you buy 4 sets of A, you’ll get 4 October and 4 August boxes. Mix them up unless you’re interested in duplicates.

Sample Society for those unaware, is a beauty subscription service leaning toward hi-end samples/full sizes of cosmetics, skin care, hair care, and nail care. Typically the boxes have at least 1 cosmetic item, and the boxes are at least valued at 50$ minimum. There are several variations on boxes, such as each month being labeled A-H, so there’s a decent chance that you won’t get a box you got in the past if you’re a current subscriber. I am not a subscriber so all of these are 100% new to me. If you click on the banner below and use my code in the referral area (different than the coupon code), a donation is made to Best Friends Animal Society. If you can’t see the banner, the referral code is BGRI9563.

This sale won’t last long so jump on it if interested. I promise I’ll be a responsible blogger and post the best possible deal as soon as it becomes available next time. Remember to use coupon code BBTWITTER to save 15$! *Coupon is no longer active. Use code AFF20BEAUTYBAR instead, usable on first purchases only.

use code: BGRI9563

Buy Beauty Products at

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