Lip Monthly – June 2014 Review

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Lip Monthly is new. Brand new. May was their introductory box new.


Lip Monthly
Ships by 10th of Month via USPS

Last month Lip Monthly shipped their boxes, which are literally the size of a credit card, in a clear plastic bag, many of which arrived unsealed and with missing items. To address this issue, Lip Monthly changed their outer packaging by including the teeny tiny boxes and the two “i-dont-fit-in-this” extras in a standard white mailing envelope.


The tiny box opens to reveal an info card, three more products and a buncha little squigglies. I can’t get over how tiny this box is. It’s adorable but incredibly impractical. I imagine they’d have to make their boxes a little larger to accommodate things like gloss in the future.


Each card details the items for the month, plus details on how to get a freebie; do a video review. My accent scares small children so I opted out of the review.


Lipology Anti-Feathering Stick – $4

This is meant to help prevent lipstick from “feathering” outside the lip line. Typically you have to be in a specific age demographic to need an item like this, but it can also double as a moisturizer. It’s very smooth and I loved the packaging.

Essie Purifying Hand Treatment – $3

I missed the photo of this, but it’s the tiny bottle a few photos above. Every month Lip Monthly throws in one “non-lip extra” to mix things up. This months is a hand lotion, and it has a very strong medicinal smell but works just fine.



lol Lots of Love Cosmetics – Dance with the Devil Lipstick – $4

HOLY RED BATMAN. This is a red with an orangey/purple undertone. It feels very nighttime, veryyyyy formal. It’s very D Lys, lol.



Mary Kate and Ashley Metallic Lip Foils – Hibiscus Flower – $4

The first thing I noticed about these is that they’re an item from 2009. I have no issues with them though; they seem to work just fine. They look like you just dipped your lips in silver glitter though. If I had any qualms about this item, it’s that the stick itself won’t retract so it must be pushed back into the tube. It’s melted a bit. The pink is gorgeous but the dark purple/red is only slightly too dark for me.


Swatches. Lots of Love, Light Hibiscus and Dark Hibiscus. It should be noted that you can’t purchase the hibiscus colors separately; they’re collectively known as one color.


This box has a value of around 15$. It’s certainly not a bad box, and the items are all full size with the exception of the extra, which is usually just a sample. Be warned that these are not new-to-stores items or colors, but if you have no issue with getting new-in-package items then go for it. Get your first box for 5$ by clicking here and using code SUMMERLIPS.

Beeju purchased this subscription. As always, all opinions are my own.


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