Orange Glad – June 2014 Review

Today is a day of playing pretend. Let’s pretend I don’t have a mile high stack of paperwork on my desk that I’m neglecting. Let’s pretend that I am a perfectly responsible adult capable of choosing an adequate breakfast. Let’s pretend that adequate breakfast consisted of like 30 mini reese cups, then EVERYTHING IN THIS BOX.

Let’s also pretend I didn’t know this was blurry.

Orange Glad Sweet Box
15$ Per Month + 6.95$ Shipping
Ships 2nd Week of Month via USPS


I love sweets. I love bakery style sweets. One of my long range dreams is to someday own a bakery. Orange Glad changed up their packaging this month; I’ve only been subbed to them for two months now so I can’t exactly comment if this is a recurring thing or just specific to the month. Either way, A+ packaging Orange Glad! Every box comes with a card detailing the months offerings, plus a coupon.


Let’s pretend I am a perfectly responsible adult capable of adequately using scissors. This ribbon, it has bested me.


The front of the card is an ingredient list, while the back is a list of offerings for the month, plus details on whether or not the item is perishable.


The Cravory – Salted Caramel Cream Cookies

I love The Cravory. They have a monthly subscription box themselves, known as the taster box, which I am a happy subscriber to. There are few things in life I truly love, and salted caramel ranks damn high up on that list. This cookie tastes much more like salt than anything but I actually really enjoy the flavor of the salt with the sweet, almost graham cracker like texture of the cookie. The vanilla chips were more like marshmallows, and those I didn’t care much for but overall the cookie was excellent.


Lilly’s Bakery Shop – Raspberry Hamantashen

My co-worker and I had a contest to see who could actually pronounce this thing, which is a Yiddish word, and I can only assume we failed miserably. This is basically just a fruit filled cookie, and it’s eaten during the Jewish Holiday of Purim (according to the info card). It tasted like a raspberry filled tart. I didn’t care for the raspberry jelly part but my co-worker devoured hers. I think we’re going to order the other flavors.


Fine Sconehenge Baking Co. – Luscious Lemon Bar

I got a Sconehenge brownie in my last box, and just like that brownie, there’s something very off putting about the texture of this. It’s definitely got that “punch you in the face with lemon” flavor as most traditional bars do though. It was an “okay” bar but I wouldn’t buy this again. I would buy the brownie over this.


Cheryl’s Cookies Buttercream Summer Flower

Fact: If you give me a nice frosted sugar cookie, I will be yours forever. I’ve been dying to try this brand of mail-order cookies FOREVER but could not justify paying 20-40$ for a sampler pack when I may not have even enjoyed them. I… I want more of these cookies. This is dangerous territory we’re venturing into here; these are easily some of the best sugar cookies I have ever had. These are NOT natural cookies though, and have well over a dozen or two dozen more ingredients than some of the other offerings in this box. Mmmm, chemicals.


Rip Van Wafels – Traditional Amsterdam Wafel

I may or may not have just purchased a big bag of these. They’re chewy with some sort of filling that has the consistency of caramel, but tastes nothing like caramel. Rip Van Wafels suggests putting this near a cup of hot coffee or tea and letting it melt, some people even dunk it in like this is some sort of fancy oreo, but I was rebellious and ate it at room temperature. And it was damn delicious. ANOTHER.

They also have their own subscription box, and I would totally invest in this box if it didn’t insist on sending coffee or tea with it.


This is a subscription I’m going to keep up for many a month to come; I just love everything about Orange Glad. The only thing I didn’t particularly care for was the lemon bar, but I believe it was much more of the texture than the taste. If interested, Orange Glad is $21.95 a month. Use code YUMMY10 to get 10% off your first order!

Beeju purchased this subscription. All opinions are my own.


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