Beauty Box 5 – June 2014 Review – Free box coupon!


Beauty Box 5
12$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships first week of month via DHL

This is a free box. This is a box I admittedly had very low expectations for since I had read other reviews and comments (mostly on BB5’s facebook page) about how the welcome box was a box of leftovers. Generally I have no problems with this since BB5 is well known for sending out a ton of face and cream products, and since this was a freebie I knew I’d be pleased with whatever I got. While the box itself is regarded as one of the better subscription boxes for its price, I opened this thinking I was going to get a bunch of foil packets.

Boy was I wrong.


The box is definitely tiny; it’s a little larger than half the size of a birchbox. It contains an info card with that months items. There are variations on boxes and I am thrilled with the box I got. Given the two options I’ve seen so far, I definitely got the better of the two.


It also contains info on how to possibly score free items through instagram, and some cards to give out to friends so they can obtain free boxes too. Use code FREE614 to score your first box free. Bit of a disclaimer though, this took over a month to get to me, so be observant of their cut off dates.


Sedona Lace Synthetic Blender

This is pegged as a “multi-purpose blender,” claiming it has nice soft bristles. It’s too big for eye shadow, and would probably work as a blush or concealer brush. Or a paint brush. These bristles were ridiculously stiff. I always like getting brushes though so I’m not complaining.


Elsor Herbal Soothing Gel, Elsor Soothing Cream

These are very soothing and comforting; they almost feel like cooling gel you put on after sunburns.


Glam Natural Mascara

This is easily the tiiiiniest mascara sample I’ve ever seen. I’ve been wanting to try this brand forever but never managed to get lucky enough to get any samples, until now. I really love this mascara, it’s probably just the brush but it goes on very easily. It clumps a little, but honestly what mascara doesn’t. I’ll probably buy a full size of this one!


Nicka K New York Nail Color – Ripe Apple

I’ve never heard of this brand, and the bottle is HUUUUUUGE. This is a ridiculous amount of nail polish. It’s a very vampy red and I found the cap unnecessarily difficult to remove, but other than that, it’s pretty nice. I do like the design, though it’s a little inefficient.


Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse

THIS SMELLS SO GOOOOOD. I am sad that I can’t use this because my hair is not naturally curly, or curly at all. I want this in a perfume! I may still try to use it on a day before I get daring enough to try to style my hair, but it will probably be gifted to a lucky lady with natural curls.


I’m actually really thrilled with this box and I can’t wait until next month. If interested, Beauty Box 5 is 12$ a month and will always provide a mix of five samples and full size items. This is an excellent introductory box and I highly recommend it if you’re just starting out with sub boxes. Use code FREE614 to get your first box absolutely free!


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