Coupons & Goodies of the Day

First off let me say I am SO SORRY for being an absentee blogger this weekend. D Lys’ laptop went all blue screeny and I was tied up with various things. I am a legit grumpasaurus today so ignore me if there’s something overtly rude stated on my blog. It’s a Monday; I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone not grumpy on a Monday.

juleplogoJulep has a couple deals going, using code HELLOYOU you can get a special Summer Box for free (requires new subscription). Another coupon floating around is code FREEGIFT. Using it in conjunction with a 3-month deal makes that subscription substantially drop in price; literally you get 3 boxes for around $18 (give or take tax). Hit the “Show me all Styles” button to choose your first box instead of going through the quiz. This code is still active so take advantage if you’ve been eying Julep. Deals like that one do NOT happen often.

Julep also just added new mystery boxes if those are your fancy.

bbwThe Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale is now live in stores. It’s been online since Friday. Use code THEBIGSALE online or 3074 in-store to save 10$ off 40$. They put up a new ‘exclusive’ deal each day (it’s usually extended as well), and today is body lotions for 3$.

birchBirchbox’s yearly subscription coupon BBSUBYEAR expires today, you get 12 months worth of boxes for 99$, essentially giving you two boxes free.

threadedYesterday was the last day to order the introductory box of Threaded Canvas! Did you get yours? I missed out on this one for now, I’ll wait until a review pops up! They send out e-mails quite regularly with coupons, so if you’ve been holding out for a better deal, subscribing to their mailing list may be a good idea.

ipsyYour glam rooms are live today tomorrow! Woo!


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