Thursday Thoughts

TTGood-copyLinking up with Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for another rousing rendition of Thursday Thoughts!

– In Gaming News: I’ve been a Harvest Moon fan since the SNES, having played the first HM for years on end and all of their subsequent games ever since. Harvest Moon is easily one of my favorite game series, despite it literally being nothing more than a farming/marriage/life simulator. Welp. It was announced this week that the Harvest Moon that’s been in development for ages in Japan and recently released there, was finally coming to the US under the name Story of Seasons. It couldn’t legally use the HM name despite it being a port of the HM released in Japan. The reason being, the developers gave it to XSEED to publish, who has never published a HM game before but has published their spin off, Rune Factory.

In what I can only deem as pure awesome, Natsume, the traditional publisher of all HM games and owner of the HM name, announced their own game. It’s set to come out this year, rumored before XSEED’s. Basically we get two HM games this year! YAY! This makes me happy. I’ve been playing HM: ANB a lot lately too.

– In Random Beeju News: I really dislike those websites that make you “Join before you can view anything,” what if I don’t like what I see? Suddenly you have my e-mail for which to spam the ever living hell out of.  IT DOESN’T ALWAYS GO TO THE SPAM FOLDER. That unsubscribe button doesn’t ALWAYS work. I know that because I’ve tried unsubscribing to Julep e-mails for the better part of the year but they still come. It’s like a horror flick where you know the girl is gonna get killed by the axe murderer, you just don’t know exactly when because she keeps dodging the guy behind a bush. Yes yes I know I can use an alternate e-mail but the fact I have to register with a website before I even have access to it is incredibly annoying.

– In We’re Horrible Influences on Each Other News: D Lys and I are quickly realizing that we’re terrible influences on each other; she recently subscribed to ipsy, and bought her own HauteLook Beauty Bag giving me a 10$ credit, they had a random Stila sale, Beeju loves Stila, 30$ damage later so I can share shades I don’t like with her. Oof. WHY DO WE HURT THE ONES WE LOVE.

Boxes Arriving Soon: Beauty Box 5 (Maybe?), Taste for Sweets (Maybe? I unsubbed after I paid for this month and it’s usually here by now, but I’ve gotten no e-mails? No codes? Nothing?)

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