KitNipBox – June 2014 Review


Do the folks at KitNipBox have a teleporter or something? This wasn’t due to SHIP until today and I found it haphazardly hanging from my mailbox.

$9/$19/$29 Depending on Size
Ships 1st of Month
Bills only once Shipped!

I couldn’t tell you just how excited I was about this box when it was announced! There have been dog boxes for ages, but never a truly affordable box that was JUST CATS. I immediately ordered the $19 box (medium box) thanks to the coupon code from Subscription Box Mom and her cat, Oliver. I’m unsure if the code is still valid. Click her link to view her review of May’s box, get the coupon code, and enter her exclusive free box giveaway!

Getting back to business, I’d like to first apologize for the quality of these photos. Many of these ended up being ACTION SHOTS, because come on, can you keep a cat still? I have four cats, ranging in ages from 11 to 3. From oldest to youngest, Luna (female; ginger tabby shorthair), Artemis (male; black/brown huge tabby), Discha (female; lion cut ginger), and Sophie (female; siamese tabby).


Look at that packaging? Isn’t that adorable! The bow is wearable!


They seem to like it.


This is only the top layer. Underneath the tissue paper is another toy and a list of items. How neat!


Artemis looks like a grumpy old man.


Ms Bekkah’s Corner Crochet Cat Ball Toy
The info card reads: “A handmade crochet ball toy from an artisan in Virginia, who donates a portion of her creations to animal welfare organizations on a monthly basis and uses recycled yarn.”
VERDICT: Winner! Discha chose this ball as her clear favorite, which totally explains why she constantly wants in my yarn drawer.

The next item was unfortunately unbranded.
“Handmade organic cat nip pillow toys from an artisan in Maine. Each pillow is filled with a soft stuffing and more than a tablespoon of USDA certified organic dried catnip.”
VERDICT: Winner! The kids fought over this. Like literally, there were many a bites had.

Other items:
Crinkle ball and toy mouse, small surprises from the KitNipBox team!
VERDICT: Winner! Sophie loved the mouse and I unfortunately crushed the ball by stepping on it (lady hulk here, don’t mind me), but they still batted it around.


Benny Bullys Cat Treats – Liver
This has one ingredient, liver.
VERDICT: Winner? The only one remotely interested in this was Artemis, but he wouldn’t eat but two. Cat is like a vacuum cleaner, he eats anything. He did seem to like them okay though.

Greenie’s Dental Cleaning Treats
This is something I always wanted to buy the cats but never did because they’re over 5$ a bag here.
VERDICT: Winner! Artemis devoured these! The girls couldn’t really be interested, but they were also busy playing.

Daily Best
This appears to be a vitamin supplement, and is one of the fun extras. I’ll save this in case it’s ever needed!

photo 1

Business Catual Bowtie
How adorable is this? It’s a twist tie type thing that you’re supposed to attach to your cats collars. Two of my girls, Sophie and Luna, already have bows on their collars and Discha has a hibiscus. Artemis instantly transformed into business cat. I approve. 9% of the profits from the bowties go to no-kill animal welfare organizations in Portland OR.


Cat Charmer Toy
“Designed for excellent aerobic exercise and hours of fun!” I love how long this is, it’s very different and at least twice the size of the wand itself.
VERDICT: See for yourself.


I love seeing Luna act like a kitten again, it makes me happy.


They each picked their favorite toys and went to it after I surrendered the entire contents of the box.
Discha isn’t shy, she just isn’t too interested in boxes until after the boxes are emptied. So she can sit in them.


KitNipBox is Luna approved! I highly recommend KitNipBox if you have a cat, they have a smaller 9$ a month option so this box is welcoming to a variety of budgets. This one is a keeper for me. Look forward to many more ACTION SHOTS in the future!

Beeju purchased this subscription. As always, all opinions are my own, and in this case, my cats.


7 thoughts on “KitNipBox – June 2014 Review

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