Skoshbox – June 2014 Review

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As is typical Skoshbox fashion, I got the June box well before it was even June. Skoshbox is one of the few boxes that has a set shipping schedule and actually sticks with it.


$12 per month – FREE SHIPPING!
– Ships 24th of Month
– Arrives in 1-3 days
– Sign up by 17th to receive that months box


Skoshbox is a box full of Japanese snacks. They tend to do a mix of savory and sweet, with the savory leaning more toward just weird. You definitely need an open mind when it comes to this box, some of it is absolutely delicious and some of it, like last months squid roll ups, are just odd.


The box is just small enough to fit in your mailbox. It also contains an info card, which I clearly have not posted for whatever reason. Good job, Beeju.


Matcha Mochi Chocolate Square

Skoskbox has a habit of translating official names of items, making them very difficult to locate. This falls into that category. Matcha is green tea flavored, and mochi is a type of sweet that is made of rice. I haven’t tried this yet. I’m probably the only Japan fan that isn’t a fan of mochi.


Takoyaki and Corn Potage Umaibo

Takoyaki is the name for “octopus ball” flavoring. These are generously large puffed up snacks, with a hollow center. I’m not brave enough to open the corn potage flavored one of these. These are a very popular snack and they come in multi-packs.


Wasabi Kakinotane

This is a “Wasabi cracker and peanut mix” and it’s very reminiscent of trail mix. It’s a nice little portion, hot as hell though, but that’s to be expected with Wasabi.


Matcha Okoshi

This is another green tea offering, that’s reminiscent of a rice krispie treat. It has good green tea flavor, and is very crunchy.



These are tiny bite size little cakes that you’re supposed to bake in the microwave first! They literally melt in your mouth, but they have a very strong dark chocolate flavor. They’re like mini lava cakes!


Harvest Green Tea Crackers

We got these similar crackers in a past Skoshbox but in burnt caramel flavor, and they’re just as delicious as can be imagined. They’re very sweet crackers, coated in sugar, and there’s just a slight hint of green tea flavor. I still prefer the caramel ones, but these are just as good, and they arrived unbroken this time! (they’re very thin crackers that break if you so much as touch them)


KitKat Bake – Pudding

It’s no secret that I love kitkat, especially Japanese kitkats! They’re so popular in Japan that each region has it’s own signature flavor. This is a new offering, it’s a pudding flavored KitKat that you’re supposed to bake and it has a creme’ brulee look and feel. You can also eat it raw, which is what I did with one and baked the other.

Omg. These were amazing. They’re very vanilla-y, very rich, and generally very delicious. They didn’t get the creme brulee finish they were promised, but they did melt absolutely everywhere, which is intended.

Overall Skoshbox is one of my favorite boxes ever. The price is low, the offerings are high, and the shipping is fast. If interested, click here to check out Skoshbox.

*Skoshbox processes payments through Stripe, a third party service. I’ve personally never had issues with Stripe.

Beeju paid for this subscription, and has been with Skoshbox since March 2014. As always, all opinions are my own.


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