Treatsie – May 2014 Review (Regular Box)

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Sooo this was a box that literally disappeared. I got tracking on the 18th, it never updated, contacted Treatsie who alerted me that this wasn’t normal and concluded that my box and a couple others were in a group that USPS had lost. As a result, they sent out replacement boxes.


$15 a Month + Shipping (Total Around 22$)
Ships around 15th of Month
1-2 Day Shipping


Treatsie is a box not unlike Orange Glad, but focusing much more on artisan sweets, like chocolates and caramels. They cost around the same, but each has different items. Each Treatsie box contains an info card and a box that’s literally packed full. They also recently announced their “All Chocolate” box, which may be out of the budgets of some Beejus.


Willamette Valley Sweet Heart Pâte de Fruit in Rasperry, Marionberry, and Strawberry Rhubarb. – 3$ Each

These are made with the berry itself, plus gelatin. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a fruit jelly. Personally I didn’t care for the strawberry rhubarb, but the Marionberry was pretty nice. I’ve never had or heard of a marionberry before, it’s very different!


CC Made Caramel Popcorn in Rosemary Cashew, Classic Caramel, Pistachio Caramel. – $4.50 each

Personally I dislike pistachios, so my co-worker got those and devoured the entire bag within three minutes, asking for more. I loved the original, they definitely were NOT artificial which was really nice. You can buy an entire jar of their caramel too, which I highly recommend! If you’ve never had genuine homemade caramel, you’re missing out. CC Made is a brand you’ll see in both Treatsie and Orange Glad, so if you stick with either for any length of time you’ll get to sample their many flavors.


Serendipity Confections Sea Salt Caramels – $2

These are RICH, which is to be expected from an artisinal caramel. They’re very generously large pieces, and incredibly sugary. The taste is reminiscent of toffee. The two extra caramels appear to be small bonuses for the original box being late, and honestly I found those VERY yummy! I would love a bag of those, but they were unbranded.

If interested, Treatsie is a good idea for people looking for new treats that they may not get to experience. This is one of the few months where only two companies were the main features, and in the past they’ve had truly amazing boxes with several different artisans featured. This box was about average for me, nothing particularly stood out except the CC made popcorn and the caramels. The boxes tend to break even on value, so if that’s something you’re particularly concerned about, Treatsie may not be for you. All tastes are different however, and someone may be truly impressed by a box while someone else may find it lackluster. If interested, click here to sign up for Treatsie.

Beeju paid for this box and has been subscribed to Treatsie since May 2014. All opinions are my own.


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