Wantable – Makeup May 2014 Review

Disclosure: This post contains a referral link.
I have never been happier to get a box in my entire life.


$36/Month – Free Shipping!
$40 one time box
– Offers returns!

So a little while back, Wantable had an amazing offer. Absolutely amazing. Get any of their three boxes, makeup, accessories or intimates, for 1$. Yeah, 1$. Beeju was lucky enough to snag one and I am a full Wantable believer. Take my money, Wantable. Take it all.


There’s a couple unique things about Wantable: 1) 100% customizable. 2) Full size products! 3) You can return it! 4) Ships a few days after you first order it! Ahhhh!


When you sign up for Wantable you have to go through an extensive style quiz to pick out your preferences. You’re much more likely to get stuff on your love list and will never receive anything on your dislike list. The quiz is ridiculously extensive; it goes so far as to ask how you like your products, loose, creamy, pigmented, your shades, how bold you are, etc. It asks the type of products you want and your preferred style, etc. Wantable hit me spot on. You can take the test again at anytime to get different products, too.


You get four products per box. I was thrilled to see they didn’t go really daring with my selection considering I told them I liked both warm and cool colors.


Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm – Apple Pink – 19$

This exact same color was featured in a previous ipsy bag (I think March?), but I was unlucky enough to get the Acid Pink version. Omg do I ever love this. The color is so perfect for me. It’s much more of a stain than a balm, and it’s a wee bit drying, but overall it’s a major win. The top has a brush in it too! Most people tend to miss that. I know I did when I got my Acid Pink version.


yourMinerals Mineral Blush – Rosewood Rouge – 30$

This is an all-natural mineral powder hailing from Sweden. Forgive me for the horrific photo and the boxes in the background, I couldn’t get anything decent to show off this lovely color. Click the link to see an actual swatch of this mineral powder. It can be used on eyes or just cheeks. It’s mildly pigmented, but it’s got a very lovely, subtle shimmer about it.


Vincent Longo Trio Eyeshadow – Harem – 30$

You can find this much cheaper on Amazon. Either way, this suspiciously reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream. The “One Two Three” are designations of how you’re supposed to layer it. It’s super pigmented. Like, way pigmented. They’re more matte shades with very minute shimmer.


(Plā) Beauty – Holy Grail Mascara – $24

Their website seems really unfinished so this product isn’t exactly listed. This is called the “Holy Grail of Mascara’s,” which I’m not sure is exactly true. All this really short wand seems to accomplish is putting mascara all over your lids. I think if I didn’t have the dexterity of a goldfish I could make this work better.

Overall, Wantable is an amazing box tailored to you! They probably won’t be running anymore 1$ promotions anytime soon though I will be posting their next one. If interested, feel free to click my referral link, here. You don’t have to do a month-to-month subscription either; you can skip any month or just buy a one time box. Remember you can always return it if you don’t like it!

Beeju purchased this box. As always, all opinions are my own.


4 thoughts on “Wantable – Makeup May 2014 Review

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  2. Love this concept! Almost the same service but for skincare is at Vain Pursuits, if you liked Wantable I’m sure you’d love VP!


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