Thursday Thoughts

TTGood-copyLinking up once again with the lovely Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts.

I feel like the worst primarily-box-but-sorta-snack-and-random-junk-blogger ever. I haven’t made a SINGLE box post this week. They’re all MIA! I might be getting my replacement Treatsie box today but that may be asking for too much at this point. I have had 0 mail this week except for random bills, and my first Graze box which my mother obtained before I did. She opened it, and ate it before I even got home.

Seriously it went something like this,

“Mom did you open this box?”
“Where’s the stuff inside it?”
“In my stomach.”
“You never let me open one!”

My mom has gotten into this total mode where she asks what I got in the mail today, then she wants to open the box and/or watch me open it. She still hasn’t the slightest clue that I operate a blog so when I randomly take photos of my spoils before she dives into them, I tell her that I’m taking them to show D Lys.
“A picture of each individual item?”
“…. she likes close ups.”

She has yet to ask why we’ve suddenly gotten a huge pick up in box deliveries. I did keep the Graze subscription since she enjoyed it so much, and sent two one-time boxes to my Aunts in Atlanta. I think I’ll eventually get her hooked on subscription boxes. I wonder if I can find one similar to a Book of The Month Club but you can choose the authors. BOMC’s tend to be way pricey anyway. I had her in one for awhile, gave her the pamphlet to order what she wanted, she thought they were all 1 cent, cue 50 books arriving and me over drafting to horrific levels. She doesn’t seem too into ipsy, and birchbox does a little better but so far she’s only really liked Graze and The Cravory. Who doesn’t like homemade cookies? That box should be here in about 2 weeks, huhu.

Is it odd that I’m really excited for my first KitNipBox? I always wanted to subscribe to a box for all four of my 4-legged babbus but I could never stomach the idea of paying 40$ for one. Why were those so expensive? KitNipBox if you’re ever listening, just know that I love you dearly. You’re wonderfully priced with a cat mascot, SUB BOX DONE RIGHT.

I still haven’t subscribed to Threaded Canvas, but I WILL tomorrow because A) deadline, and B) paYDAAAAY.

Geez this got lengthy. Beeju out.


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