Lip Factory – May 2014 Review

Disclosure: This post contains a referral code, but no referral link.

Finally! The mail gods have shined on me! A BOX! A BOX I SAY, IT HAS ARRIVED!


Lip Factory Inc.
5 Full Size Makeup items per Month
$22 month – Free Shipping!

– Sign up by the 15th to get the months box
– Ships end of month
– Option to buy past boxes

Lip Factory isn’t new, but it’s fairly popular. It’s a moderately priced subscription box that guarantees 5 full size makeup items a month. Lip Factory also has a subscription box aimed toward teen/tween girls, called CandiGirlBox. Lip Factory includes mid-tier and up brands, is always a substantially better value than the price, and doesn’t contain just lip products like the name suggests.


The only thing I particularly didn’t care for was the shipping time. I got a shipping e-mail on 5/20, it didn’t actually move until 5/24 and arrived 5/29. Generally everyone gets the exact same box, but with varying shades. There is a beauty profile, and I’m happy to report that I got mostly naturals and neutrals, which is pretty much what is in my profile. A quick note about this box, this is not their usual packaging. Typically all lip factory boxes are black with their logo. This box was rectangular because of the nail wraps.

Which lets start with that. I didn’t actually take a separate photo of those, because come on, they look like bandaids. This same product has been appearing in a lot of boxes lately, and I can’t say I’m particularly thrilled. They’re also 16$ each for some silly reason.


Teeez Trendy Golden Glow Lipgloss – Classy Champagne – 18$

This is a European brand, that promises to be non-sticky. It’s sticky. It’s like you just put caramel on your lips. The color is very pretty though, and it’s moderately sheer with a golden glow. It also has a little paintbrush applicator. Look at that design too, that’s just gorgeous. I wouldn’t buy anymore of these though, just because the consistency is really off for me, but I will use this.


Medusa’s Makeup Eyeshadow – SAFARI COLLECTION – Tarzan – 8$

If you’ve subscribed to Lip Factory for any length of time, you’re sure to develop a steady collection of Medusa’s Makeup. This is coppery/coral color, my phone doesn’t pick it up very well, but it’s pretty at least. It goes on more shimmery copper than anything, which isn’t bad, but it’s more subtle than some of its louder brethren. The case also won’t close, it looks like maybe the latch was broken on it.


Pari Beauty Lipstick – Pinky Promise – $12

Okay, I love this. The color is perfect, it’s smooth, it’s soft, it’s affordable. It’s a little sheer but it has a lot of shine and shimmer. I really can’t sing enough praises of this, I just love it. It’s much more peachy than it looks.


MeMeMe Cosmetics: Blush Me! Boxed Blush – Pink – $14.25

This is another UK brand. How cute is this packaging!? It’s the nicest shade of pink and the top of the case has a mirror! This is just adorable in every way. I think this is a pretty common brand/item as far as Lip Factory boxes go though. It’s darkish for a pink, more of a hot pink, but it’s buildable. Be careful with this less you want to look like you have a fresh punch-in-the-face wound.

Lip Factory values this months box at $68.25, which is a great value overall. I got introduced to two UK brands, one indie brand and another brand I’d never heard of. I do recommend lip factory if you’re looking to expand your collection and samples just aren’t cutting it. I personally won’t use the nail wraps, and the Teeez is a little too sticky for my liking but I enjoy everything else.

If you feel so inclined to give Lip Factory a chance, my referral number is 386616. This isn’t mandatory to sign up after all, but it’d be a nice gesture.

Beeju purchased this subscription. As always, all opinions are my own.

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