Eda’s Sugar-Free Hard Candy


It’s candy review time!

I like hard candy. I like it a lot. I absolutely detest the film that gets on my teeth after having a piece, so I tend to gravitate towards sugar-free candies, which make my teeth feel less gross. Unfortunately, most hard candy leaves behind an aftertaste that makes you either stuff another piece of candy in your mouth or just brush your teeth. When I saw that this product claims to have no aftertaste I had to give it a try. For once, the packaging has not blatantly lied to me. It actually doesn’t have an aftertaste. Hooray!!

Did I mention this stuff is also delicious? I’ve tried the Tropical Mix and the Lemon bags so far, and both are very tasty. Each candy is also individually wrapped (Some companies just sell bags of unwrapped hard candy that sticks together to form a giant blob. I’m looking at you Brach’s lemon drops!!!) so it’s easy to share. Unfortunately, I have to hide the plastic wrappers because one of my cats will dumpster dive into the trash just so she can eat them.




So yeah, this candy comes in a ton of flavors. You can find a store that sells them by visiting this website. The supermarket where I got them isn’t listed on the website, so I don’t know how reliable that is. On Amazon a pound of candy goes for about $12.99. My supermarket had 6 oz. bags for $1.99. If you can find this hard candy at a store near you, I absolutely recommend it.


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