Cloverhill Bakery – Golden Pound Cakes

Pound Cakes!

photo 4

In my new found job as a blogger, I’ve decided to expand my horizons beyond simple convenience store snacking and pursue more mid-tier snackeries. My adventure to the local grocery store gave many a varied result, but this little snack pack hidden between mounds of sticky buns, banana flips and other unappetizing confections caught my eye. It was tiny, it wasn’t visually striking but it also wasn’t covered in mounds of chemical filled frosting, and slapped haphazardly into a plastic prison where said frosting would get all over the package. Today I present, Cloverhill Bakeries Golden Pound Cake.

Cloverhill Bakeries is another company that specializes in distributing to convenience stores, and are apparently known for their “BIG TEXAS” cinnamon rolls. I’d never heard of this company, but after seeing packages of their specialties on their website, I have seen some of their confections in gas stations and randomly in supermarkets. I have never seen a multi-pack or a large serving tray though, which is sad because if they had a large tray of these little slices of heaven available, I’d go buy it in a heartbeat.

photo 3

These come two to a package, and are tiny, single serve cakes. They’re incredibly dense, as a pound cake is supposed to be, and I found these to be a little dry. Overall I’d highly recommend them for a quick treat, but don’t get your hopes up in terms of size; they’re about an inch tall. The design of their packaging bothers me, it’s very 1990’s, which I know that design shouldn’t matter in a “I need something to keep me kid quiet so I’ll grab whatever is in my reach” moment, but visuals matter when someone is actually browsing a snack section.

I purchased these at a Food City (KVAT) for 2$. You’ll probably have better luck finding them in different mini-marts or gas stations if you’re really looking though.

Verdict: 4 out of 5
Beeju recommends this product.


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