Site Updates!

newbeejuboxesSo there was quite a large site update during the night. I’ve updated our layout with a background, new banner and some side buttons to lead you directly to the posts you want in order to get the heck away from all the weird, crazy junk we post here at Beeju Boxes. It’s best viewed in 1280×900 resolution. The three new buttons on the side bar will lead you to the categories where there are Subsciption Box Reviews, Snack Reviews, and Coupons + Deals.

If it’s too broken, I may have to nuke the background completely. The posts and sidebar are completely transparent, which is something I cannot edit due to not having access to the CSS file without purchasing the theme.  I had to nuke the background anyway due to it completely breaking the mobile capabilities of the theme because the posts are transparent.

I’ll be fixing the top menu this week as well, including updating the box list to be much more functional and sorted properly, and fixing the About pages. Eventually I want to do two columns, one for specifically subscription boxes, and the other for everything else (this requires moving to a new host and switching to .org capabilities). This new layout also shows comment count and post author, something our original theme did not. There are also footers with miscellaneous information like comments, top posts, etc.

In other news, the June Skoshbox just shipped, Wantable is in town, and Lip Factory is somewhere not in Lip Factory’s warehouse, so expect those reviews this week. I think my Treatsie box is just gone. Ah well.


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