PINCHme Samples Release Today at 12PM EST!

pinchPINCHme is a 100% free no CC required sampling service that sends out at least 1 sample per month. The catch is you have to be quick and apply for those samples before they go out of stock. Today at 12PM EST new samples will be released! Now’s the best time to get in on PINCHme if you haven’t already.

You’ll never know what kind of sample you’ll get until they show up on the site either. So far I’ve gotten shampoo, coffee, lotion, perfume, k-cups, and nail polish. Samples vary per account, for example I got a Beyonce’ perfume sample while my co-worker got a drink mix despite logging on during the same sample release day and at the same time.

There’s still time to register if you’re interested! Freebies are always fun.

EDIT: I snagged cleansing wipes, Dove shampoo and bright orange nail polish, what did you get?


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