Lip Monthly – First Box $5!

lipmonthlyLip Monthly is new. Brand new. Last month was their introductory box new. Today they sent out a mass e-mail for 5$ off their June box, making the box just 5$. Use code SUMMERLIPS at checkout to get it, but it’s available to the first 500 customers only. Given that they’re sending out older, possibly discontinued products this may be a box to avoid until they get a few more months under their belt. If you check their facebook page, you won’t see glowing reviews either, but being that this is a new service, there are bound to be hiccups until they become more established. I have faith in this box that it’ll turn out great because 10$ for an all lip box is a hard price to beat, so I signed up. Finally. All for you, viewers. All for you. Somewhere, D Lys is shaking her head in extreme disappointment.

This coupon is only good for the first 500 subscribers, and the boxes are set to arrive in the first 10 days of June. A few notes about this box, and possibly a disclaimer too.

– Guaranteed 2-4 Lip Products + 1 exclusive non-lip product a month.
– There was no option to enter separate billing information from shipping.
– Make sure the coupon shows before you hit subscribe.
– If the transaction fails, it won’t alert you, the page simply does nothing. It means the card was denied (per their facebook).
– If the transaction is successful you will see a confirmation screen and a recieve an e-mail detailing as such.
– Value is great, here is a review from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom if you need to see the types of products available before committing.

I got the e-mail around 3:30PM EST, had a massive power outage that lasted until 11:00PM EST and was still able to use the coupon, meaning they haven’t hit their 500 limit yet. Again this is a new subscription and they’ve had one box, so I’m willing to bet this coupon will last at least another day. The cancellation policy is easy, just e-mail them, so being out 5$ isn’t bad. There are definite hiccups on their site and the billing module itself could be redone (dont mind me just being a design snob), but otherwise it’s definitely navigable.

I’ll post my review as soon as I get it, which is expected around June 6th-10th.

*Lip Monthly processes payments through Stripe, which is the exact same service Skoshbox uses. I’ve personally never had any issues with Stripe, and I’ve been subscribed to Skoshbox for 4 months without incident.

*Affiliate Link Inside


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