Hershey Spreads Snacksters – Chocolate

Dear Hershey,

You and I go way back. People love you. They adore you. There’s entire city in Pennsylvania named after you. You would think after the sheer amount of notoriety and prestige the Hershey name gets, that you couldn’t possibly mess up so badly. So, so badly.

Recently Hershey’s tried to break into the market Nutella has literally dominated by creating their own “chocolate spread,” which is an alternative to boring old peanut butter. “Kids it’s time for lunch!” “Peanut butter and white bread again?” It has also been pretty good for bakers, as it eliminates the need for that pesky unsweetened cocoa powder kids love to try much to their parents amusement. Nutella’s booming popularity clearly indicated that this is a market that needs to be capitalized on, thus Hershey’s spreads were born.

photo 1

Nutella and their foreign counterparts have also had smaller “snack size” versions, containing the product plus some sort of stick for dipping. The Japanese version of these concoctions is Yan Yan, which I have 30 boxes of in my office. Right now. Sitting on a filing cabinet. Next to panda cookies. “I have no room for files!” “But these cookies..” “NO ROOM.” I’ve also tried a version found at Big Lots, which I couldn’t name the country of origin but they weren’t bad. These however…

These are sweet. Devastatingly sweet. Hershey, if you’re listening this is not how you do a graham cracker. If this is your definition of a graham cracker then clearly you’ve been casually munching on bricks.

photo 2

The package looks good enough though the ratio of chocolate product to brick is much less than Nutella and Yan Yan. There were 10 bricks in this package, and far too much spread. I’m not sure how much they’re capitalizing on people going ballistic over their new spread but if this is what they put out, they should probably throw in a complimentary insulin syringe.

It’s that sweet.

The entire tiny package is 270 calories too, which is a ridiculous amount of caloric intake for such a small product. If this is a “snack,” then what is a full size meal? A quick google search shows this same product without the calorie listed on the front. [Funfact: I legit got sidetracked for 30 mins looking for dunkaroos and I apparently need to roadtrip to Canada to get them]. These “graham cracker sticks” have zero graham cracker flavor and were so hard I honestly thought I had broken a filling. I eventually just used them as a transportation vessel for the chocolate spread which literally tasted like I had stuffed 50 tablespoons of sugar in my mouth at once. Had these sticks been much, much softer and actually had some sort of savory flavor (similar to how Yan Yan and Nutella use a savory breadstick) to cut all the sweet then these may have been superb. You see people in the commercials stacking this spread on crackers, not cookies.

I didn’t finish this package. I can handle my sweets but this is just something I can’t tolerate.

These little snacksters just released May 2014, and can be found in most convenience stores and Walmart. I found mine for 1$ at Walmart by a register. I’ll go out on a limb and say that Yan Yan is superior here, and Hershey has made a good attempt but fell very short.

If the name Snacksters seems familiar, maybe this product from the early 00’s with an identical name will satisfy you.

Verdict: 1 out of 5
Beeju does not recommend this product.


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