Rice Krispie Treats Crackle Snacks Review


The rice cake. Bane of many, holy grail to none. There are hundreds of different varieties of these diet staples running around. I would aptly name these “Faux healthy” as it’s clearly a puffed rice cake, yet Rice Krispies names it a minier variation on their already mini sized Rice Krispie treats. It’s essentially a rice cake with an identity crisis.


These are as transparent as they look. Rice Krispies with chocolate on them. They’re not anything special, nothing I’d willingly devour the entire box of in one sitting for, but they’re not bad. These little snacks come in two varieties, chocolate or caramel drizzle and “infused with marshmallow flavor” which is completely non-existent and makes you wonder just what is holding these things together. It just tastes like you’re eating rice krispies without the milk yet spontaneously decided to pour some chocolate sauce over it to make it look a little fancier.

Maybe if they had used Cocoa Krispies, this would have been much better.

You can get a large box of them at Walmart for 2.50$ – 3$ depending on how generous Walmart is being. They’re found in the cereal aisle.


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