The Beejubox


Hey guys, D Lys here. I just thought I’d kick off my first official non-guest review here with something fun. Presenting…THE BEEJUBOX! No, this is not actually a real subscription box. This is a random collection of things from boxes Beeju’s gotten (they can be found in her previous reviews) and crap she should not have bought me under any circumstances. Welp, let’s get to it.

This box came wrapped in 8 tons of tape and was covered almost entirely in Harry Potter stamps. What the hell, Beeju?


Prairie City Ooey Gooey Butter Cake

This is the exact same one that Beeju reviewed. Since I had never heard of a butter cake before (I don’t believe they exist in the northeastern states), I was curious as to what these tasted like. I’m not a huge fan of super sweet things normally, but holy crap this was good. It was soft and flakey, and you could really taste the cream cheese in it. Very tasty, and the perfect size to share.


Bath & Body Works 

French Lavender & Honey Hand Cream

This smells delightful. It’s got the perfect amount of lavender scent, just enough so that it doesn’t smell like a bag of potpourri. I’ve always found the BBW hand creams to be very moisturizing, and this is no exception.

French Lavender & Honey Eau de Parfum  

My local store was always sold out of this sample size. I adore this perfume. It’s got a stronger lavender scent than that of the hand cream, but still not overpowering. It’s actually a bit weaker than some of the other perfumes. In my opinion, this is a good thing, as the last one I got (Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber) was waaaay too strong for my liking.

Fresh Picked Hard Working Lip Balm – Peach (2)

I will admit that I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to lip products, so sending me more is probably not the best idea. That being said, these lip balms were another item that I was dying to get but could not find locally. These lip balms smell very strong of peach, and have virtually no flavor (I have a bad habit of licking my lips so having a product that doesn’t taste awful is a must for me). They’re also very moisturizing.


These Random Perfume Samples

Both of these are pretty strong smelling.  The Yogini one is actually pretty decent. The one on the right is weird, but tolerable. I dunno man, strong perfumes aren’t my thing.


Neutrogena UltraSheer Face & Body Stick Sunscreen

I totally nagged Beeju to send this to me. I’m taking a trip to the Caribbean this summer for a wedding and thought this would be super useful. I have the complexion of a corpse and can’t stand the greasy feel of sunscreen on my hands. This should make quick reapplications 8000x easier and take up like no space in my luggage. Hooray!

These Totally Random Hotel Samples


Well I’ve always really liked this scent, and the lotion is super easy to stash in a purse…



SERIOUSLY, I ONLY HAVE SO MANY FINGERNAILS I CAN PAINT. If you haven’t realized it by now, I’m the one who gets all the nail stuff that Beeju gets in boxes/buys on a whim. My nails have always been a point of pride, and I love to show them off with a nice coat of fresh polish. My favorites of the bunch are the two on the ends. I do believe I shall use both immediately.


This Random Ipsy Bag

Beeju packed all the Bath & Body Works items into this Ipsy bag. This bag is adorable (despite the inside being hot pink, which I’m not big on), and one can never have too many cosmetics bags (especially me, because I have waaaay too many lip products).






Seriously though, this little guy is adorable (he also has tiny kitty testicles for some reason).


Alex and Ani Best Friends Bangle


I managed to not get completely caught up in the bangles craze (being really stingy helps), but I do have a couple of  these things. I love the jingling sound they make when you move.

I really enjoyed my first ever Beejubox. Hopefully she sees fit to mail me more neato crap soon!


(No, please don’t send me more stuff right away)




Note: I apologize for the crappy quality of some of these photos. My tablet’s camera is really disappointing.


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