Nature’s Path Organic – Macaroon Crunch

naturesThere are two known facts in this world: I like chocolate, and I like coconut. A recent excursion to Walmart uncovered a box of these things, which were in “unconventional” by conventional granola bar standards flavors. Can’t a sister get a peanut butter granola bar? Like with actual peanut butter and not just the actual whole peanut.

I’m also realizing that despite the numerous health benefits surrounding dark chocolate, I really truly dislike it. It has such an overwhelming bitterness that I really can’t get over. All the serotonin in the world couldn’t save me now. I am pleased to say this bar doesn’t reek of dark chocolate. In fact it doesn’t reek of anything besides that flaky standard granola flavor.

Nature’s Path is a newer brand around here. West Virginia isn’t exactly a viable health food market and granola bars that aren’t distinctly labeled for kids (read: beeju’s) tend to not do well. You get a generous amount of five bars per package at least, for about $2.50 a box. Today I have in my hands the Macaroon version of these little bars. Nature’s Path is known for all natural apparently, and has a ton of different products which I personally don’t use and don’t go down those aisles (read: healthy).


You get two little bars per pack and truthfully, I didn’t finish the second one. It was a wee bit on the lackluster radar for me, it just tasted like a standard, normal, run of the mill (see what I did there) granola bar. There wasn’t anything special or discerning to break it apart from other granola bars. It had 0 coconut flavor. It had a very, veryyyy mild dark chocolate flavor, and like all natural granola bars, it got EVERYWHERE. It sheds worse than the Kellog Krave fauxnie and that’s saying quite a bit. I appreciate the all natural part of these since you know, health conscious and all that good stuff, but eh I like my granola bars to hold up a little more.

Clearly I’m not a fan of these bars, and won’t be purchasing this flavor in the future, but I’ll probably try another. If interested, they sell these at Wal-Mart with the cereal bars.

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