Treatsie’s got a new box – Chocolate!

1450332_783972478283078_989153129_nTreatsie has a new box out, and it’s all CHOCOLATE. It’s also more than double the price of their original box. Treatsie promises that “Each box includes 5-6 full-size gourmet chocolate bars from one small-batch vendor, which changes every month.” The price is $39 + $6.95 shipping which easily makes this one of the pricier subscriptions out there. You can get 50% off your first box with code CHOCOBOX50. treatsie2


It looks good enough but I have to wonder about that “Full Size” comment. Not all producers have the same thoughts about Full Size anything. I’ll pass on this box personally, but if anyone is interested here’s the link.


4 thoughts on “Treatsie’s got a new box – Chocolate!

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  3. I love chocolate, but there is no way I’d subscribe to this box. I did however, just buy a bunch of stuff from their shop, including that famous caramel bar. I just have to be patient and wait. e___e The chocolate box looks like a waste of money, but I guess I’ll just have to see it first. XD


    • It really didn’t look to be thought out well, what if a full size bar is only like 1oz for a company? Paying close to 50$ for 3-6oz of chocolate is gonna piss some people off. Maybe if they had guaranteed that it would have like, 2lbs or more of chocolate it would be more viable but I don’t see this one sticking around long at this price point >_>

      I’d totally sub to this box if it was maybe, 20-25 with shipping included tho. An all chocolate box sounds neat enough.

      I could be totally wrong to and it be more popular than the original Treatsie box. lol. General consensus says it’s way too expensive tho


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