Thursday Thoughts

TTGood-copyLinking up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for another rousing rendition of Thursday Thoughts. This has been a mighty terrible Thursday thus far so prepare yourselves. It’s been a mighty terrible week too, actually.

First up, work chatter.

My boss has been on a massive firing spree which something he has not done before in my 4 year tenure here. I’m honestly worried about my own position here, even though I do a lot and stay busy constantly. He’s been firing secretaries and higher ups so yeah. If I suddenly drop off the planet and my posts no longer reflect any boxes, you know what’s happened. I live in a very small rural area of about 400 people, so jobs aren’t really plentiful. I have a degree in multimedia, yet I work as a lumber secretary if that tells you anything at all.

Next up, family chatter.

This portion has been edited to reflect better views since HOLYBACKLASHBATMAN. To put it bluntly, said family member this post was originally concerning has found said post, read said post and written me a rather nasty letter detailing the downsides to extreme vandalism concerning sharpies. All I gotta say is, bitch you owe me a pretzel.

Next up, general Beeju chatter.

My friend is getting married in a month and she has yet to send out invitations. She has her co-worker doing them for her (read: free) on her cricket machine, and she sent me a proof of what the friend had done. Now it could be because I am very obnoxious when it comes to design, but I personally really, REALLY hated the inside of the invitation where it had the names, date, and location. The text was like the red-headed step child equivalent of comic sans. It was all the same size, not spaced and the kerning was so horribly off that there was no distinction between some letters. I told her that she should really consider having it redone unless she wants it to look like she’s inviting people to a child’s birthday party, but she wasn’t having it. You don’t mess with freebies, apparently.

Finally, why this.

I got two e-mails from two different box companies, saying they shipped my boxes. One was shipped Sunday, the other Monday. The tracking numbers have NOT updated. They’re still in pre-shipment phase. I absolutely hate when companies do this; seriously guys, don’t send out a box until you KNOW that box is going out that day. That just serves to give false hope to the recipient, not to mention it can incite rage when the expected delivery date is “1-2 days” and that 1-2 days passes several times over. Just. Don’t. Do. This. If there’s going to be a delay, say so. Consumers can be understanding creatures.

That’s all for today, see ya in a couple minutes/hours for a new snack post since I’m apparently not getting any boxes this week. Grr.


5 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

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  2. I completely understand your shipment-tracking-rage. On the other end of the spectrum is Ipsy – who, for the past three months, hasn’t even sent tracking information until the day my package is DELIVERED. How helpful.


    • Ipsy does the EXACT same thing to me lol! It’s like “… why is this here?” 2 Hours later: Your Glam Bag is on it’s way!

      GJ ipsy. lol.


  3. OMG you crack me up. I sent punchbowl invites for my wedding. They were free & pretty 🙂 We decided to get hitched in a few weeks and did it all in a snap.

    When I do actually track my boxes (I usually don’t bother) I get *super* ragey if they are in pre-shipment for a week. LIKE CRAZY RAGE


    • I’d never heard of punchbowl invites, those are really nice! I’d almost suggest those to her but this wedding is ‘secret’ and 90% of her guests have no idea what a computer even is, let alone e-mail lol. I just wish she’d realize that not every thing made in paint is going to be Picasso worthy bah!

      I usually only track boxes that have food since it can melt, and Treatsie hasn’t moved since that “Pre-Shipment” notice on Sunday. Then they sent out the spoiler e-mail yesterday. UGH WAY TO BE AWFUL TREATSIE.


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