Mirenesse – Collagen “10” Cushion Compact

Mirenesse doesn’t play around with shipping. Good lordy.


Introducing the Mirenesse Collagen “10”Cushion Compact, which I wrote about earlier this month with Mirenesse’s free sample offer. Seriously if you’re not subscribing to their e-mails, you are missing OUT. Mirenesse was 100% serious when they said they were giving away 200 of these. Seriously, these were the “samples,” which ended up being full size compacts. I scored the freebie on May 14th, it shipped same day, and arrived today. A 8 day wait from Australia is pretty damn fast.


First things first, I was lusting over that packaging. It felt like opening a present. It’s gold inside, with the words “Stay Beautiful” written on the opening wrapper. In fact the entire package itself was incredibly complimentary, it had to be the friendliest package I’ve never been in contact with. You stay beautiful, Mirenesse.

I’d like to take a brief moment to apologize for the quality of some of these photos, my cell phone kept focusing on my work phone like it was a long lost lover, and I couldn’t get it to pay attention to the Mirenesse which clearly outclassed my 1990’s era backdrop.


It came with three cards, a coupon for their VIP club and an infographic explaining all the perks (which seem like damn good perks to me), a 30% off 40$ coupon, and an info card detailing the new compact. You can get the VIP club for free for your first month when you subscribe to their glam box, so getting a 5$ off coupon for something I can technically get for free isn’t really worthwhile for me. These perks really make me want to subscribe though, like dayum.


The compact opens up to a generous size mirror and what has to be the cutest little puff I’ve ever seen. The backside of the compact is just a standard backside of a compact. There are two things really unique to this compact: there’s a button on the front that opens it so you don’t have to pull it, and you can push the bottom out of the compact to reuse it when the foundation runs out. Neat!


There goes Mirenesse being all friendly again. Oh you.

The foundation is BUBBLES! Bubbles that pop when you touch them then reveal more BUBBLES! Don’t let the shade fool you, this is incredibly light. Like, snow, light. It actually goes pretty well with my own skintone. I’m not a fan of liquid foundations to be honest, I find them drying but this promises to be super hydrating and good for your skin. The bubbles pop, almost like you’ve got rice krispies on your face. I like it! Anything that reminds me of cereal is an excellent thing. (PRIORITIES)

To recap, this compact has the following 10 benefits:

1. Pearl Soft Skin -Excellent Nude Effect Buildable Coverage
2. Long Wearing -Humidity Resistant
3. Moisture Lock Effect- Hydrates Constantly
4. Liquid To Powder Finish – Acts To Control Oil
5. Natural Mineral SPF25+- Acts As A Shield
6. Wrinkle Care With Syn-Coll
7. Soothing Cooling Effect
8. Brightens Skin With Light Reflective Pigments For A Radiant Glow
9. 10 Second Application Fills In Micro-lines Effectively
10. Convenient and Easy To Use Liquid In A Portable Compact

You’re supposed to use the included puff, and very, VERY little of the foundation. It’s currently on sale if interested, but it only comes in four shades and it’s 100% buildable. You can also purchase it in a multipack.

That Glamm Box is taunting me.

You stay classy, Mirenesse.


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