Treatsie May Box – Spoiler!


I’m sure there are some fortunate souls that have received their Treatsie boxes for the month. I however, am not one of those souls. I made the mistake of hitting a spoiler filled e-mail from Treatsie about exactly what was in the box, whenever my box has been sitting at “The shipper has been notified of your package for pick up,” status since Sunday. I’m a little bitter, if you can’t tell. Darn it I want my sweets! Pick up my box USPS!

I’m guessing on this but the box contains 7 different treats, two of which are the exact same treat but different flavors. Hit the read more to get to the photos. Obviously we won’t know exactly which ones and how many of each until it gets here. This box has a value of 22$ so I assume there’s one of each. Gourmet is expensive, yo.


Treatsie has since updated their website with the new offerings, which include caramels, Pate de Fruit, and CC made popcorn. I can tell just by reading the names that several of these are misses for me. I am dying for those sea salt caramels. I would have loved more chocolate this box but I understand that’s hard to do with weather and Summer and that would call for increased packaging costs.

Welp if my box ever leaves the abyss that is the Treatsie warehouse, I’ll review it this week (their shipping is 1-2 day).

You excited about your box?


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