Kellog’s Krave Treat Bar – Brownie Variety

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Kellog’s Crave Treat Bar – Brownie

This is a new item in the snack world, made up of an unholy concoction of chocolate breakfast cereal meets more chocolate meets even more chocolate and tries to market itself as a brownie. You’re not fooling me Kellog’s, this is as much of a brownie as I’m a size extra small. This is a CEREAL BAR without any of that faux milk crowding the middle.

Kellog’s states that the brownie version is made with Kellogg’s Krave Cereal pieces mixed with chocolate creme, drizzled with chocolate and topped with chocolate chips, while the s’more offering is made with Kellogg’s Krave Cereal pieces mixed with marshmallow creme and drizzled with chocolate.

In hindsight I wish I had pushed for the s’more variety. It was lunch, I was hungry, and the box of these convenience store exclusives was taunting me. The store I frequent for my highly coveted pizza rolls tends to get new snack items in before anyone else in the area, and I am a whore for Krave cereal so when I saw these I couldn’t resist. My name is Beeju and I am an impulse shopper.

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At first glance it looks good enough. It’s made with the chocolate variety of Krave, with a clear chocolate drizzle on top and the binder is a chocolate cream that is probably the same cream that’s in the cereal itself. The first thing you’ll notice is that this product gets everywhere. It sheds like all hell. The chocolate flavor is overwhelming but that’s to be expected considering it’s four main ingredients are chocolate in some form. It’s a perfectly fine treat but it’s not a brownie. The only thing that’s brownie about this is it’s shape. If the Krave pieces were mixed into an actual brownie batter instead of being the main component of the bar then they maybe this would have worked, but for me it just made a mess. I’ll try the s’more variety then probably just stick to the cereal in its purest form if it doesn’t perform.

Can you tell it’s been a slow week for box deliveries?

You can only find these Krave bars at Convenience Stores. I found mine at an Exxon station. Retails for 1-3$ per bar depending on the store since some feel the need to go all inflaty on stuff.


4 thoughts on “Kellog’s Krave Treat Bar – Brownie Variety

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  3. haha! Love this review. I get really frustrated with messy snacks. Like Nature Valley Granola Bars. They are SO DELICIOUS. But make such a mess. They are only ok for outside eating.


    • Grrr messy snacks are horrible! I’ve had those granola bars and it’s literally like they just fall apart in your hands. I dont want to go to nature to experience the bar that’s supposed to simulate it. Grr!


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