HauteLook Lip Beauty Bag Review


This was fun. A bag full of lip products, in a bag with lips all over it. This is the HauteLook Beauty Bag that went on sale, went off sale, and came back on sale at a slightly discounted price. There are a lot of reviews out there already, because I got lazy and waited on the discount even though there was no indication a discount was coming.

Ah well, let’s get on with it.

HauteLook Beauty Bag
$25 One Time Purchase
Discounted to $20
Does not ship fast.

HauteLook releases these little bags various times during the year, each with a different theme. This theme is obvious all about lip products, 90% of them being really… bold. Way too bold. Like wow this is bright, bold. I can’t quite pass up a deal though so I was quite thrilled when I got this pouch in my grubby little hands this morning. Despite this clearly being RED RED AND MORE RED, I’m thrilled to say there is distinction between them.


Lorac Lip Lustre Gloss – Ruby Lustre – $15

Funfact: Did you know that Lorac spelled backwards is Carol? Cause I totally didn’t.
Two things about this gloss: It’s as sticky as honey, and the applicator is horrible. The applicator is a teeny tiny little paintbrush applicator, unlike the traditional doe foot applicator. I found that this did not go on well. It’s probably meant to be on top of a lipstick or a primer of some sort, because on me it just went into any possible crevice it could find. I absolutely adore the color though. I just want to frame it and stare at it. It smells amazing too.


NYX Retractable Lip Liner – Fruit Punch – $4.50

This feels like a crayon. It’s apparently waterproof and won’t come off for anything, which I know not because I tested it on my lips, but because I tested it on my wrist without any suitable makeup remover and now look like I gashed said wrist. It’s a very pretty berry color. One thing that is highly noticeable is that this will break if you’re not careful.


Laura Gellar Italian Marble Lipstick – Sugar Maple – $18

This is a nice neutral color that feels like you’ve dumped a bucket of water on your lips. The stick itself is very pretty but the color output leaves a lot to be desired. This bag also included a coupon code for Laura Gellar Cosmetics. It’s more of a diluted copper color, and it actually pairs really well with the Lorac. It has a mild shimmer.


Lipstick Case – 5$?

In today’s edition of “Let’s go back to the 90’s,” we have lipstick cases! Seriously when was the last time you ever saw these being used. I remember many a year ago seeing my mother cart hers around, and I remember owning a few myself despite never owning a tube of lipstick. The only item in the bag that will fit in this case is the Laura Gellar. The case itself had no identifying information either, so I’m guesstimating on the price. It’s a nice little case to have, so very, very retro.


Lord & Berry Lipstick Crayon – Scarlet – $19

This is very appropriately labeled as a crayon. I want to draw with it. This color is much more diluted than it looks, it’s got a nice coral tint to it.


Lip Brush from Crown Brush – $3

Just a standard lip brush made of synthetic fiber. It’s soft. Not much to say about it other than I wish it was in some sort of plastic to seal it but eh, that’s me being nitpicky.


Mirenesse Glossy Kiss Lip and Cheek Color – Flirty Kiss – $30

This is like a great big crayon, but it’s apparently really good for a cheek stain as well. It’s just HIGHLY pigmented so if you’re not into dramatically changing lip colors in the span of two seconds, this isn’t for you. It’s very red, though not nearly as red as the next product…


Mirenesse Lip BOMB – Lip Bomb 2 – $35

This is one of Mirenesse’s big seller, and it’s easy to see why. The tubes are little torpedo things which I love, but I am so not loving the overly sticky applicator. The color is good and it lasts forever (every girl needs a hooker red). It’s a very dark red, almost a vampy/goth red. I cannot pull off this color, it’s so dark on my very white skintone that I instantly look ill. It also came off messy. I looked like a very bad rendition of Heath Ledger’s Joker when trying to remove this.


Both of Mirenesse’s tubes came in this card, which also details how to apply their products. (anyone else find the face to be incredibly creepy?)


Swoon Lip Gloss Pick Up Artist – $15

This little wand thing has a rubber tip and is designed to get the last bit of lip gloss out of the tube. 1. I’ve never used a lip gloss so much that I’ve needed such a tool. 2. Why aren’t lip gloss wands long enough to begin with? This seems like it’s trying to tap into a market that it doesn’t really have a place in.


Everything came in this bag, which is pretty large. I’m not feeling the print too much but it’ll make a nice gift this Christmas. ;D

Overall I paid about $23 for this bag to get well over $100 worth of products. I know I’ll use at least 3 of them, I’m just not daring enough to use the rest, and that Mirenesse was a huge dud due to being far too dark for my skin. Am I happy I bought it? Yeah. Would I buy again? Yup!


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