Little Black Bag – Guest Review #3!



Lemon Bethany Dot Clear Anklet

I knew right off the bat that these probably wouldn’t fit my huge feet, but they were so cute I just had to try. Unfortunately, my first instinct was right. They’re just too small for me.


Charming Ties Single Gem Tie

It’s a hair tie. Why does it have a retail value of like 4 dollars? It’s pretty, but come on…it’s just a single hair tie…


Ettika Braided Crystal Bracelet (Blue)

This one actually costs more than the Ettika bracelet I got in my last bag. I’m baffled by this, as this one is nowhere near the quality. I honestly couldn’t see it going for more than 10-15 dollars in a store. On absolutely no planet should this bracelet cost its supposed retail value of $55. That being said, it’s very pretty and fits me nicely. It’s just a simple and inexpensive looking bracelet. It kind of resembles a fancy hair tie.


Ettika Braided Crystal Bracelet (Peach)

Same complaints here as the other color. I really dig the color combo on this one though, it’s a bit more unique.


Andrew Marc New York Large Aviator Sunglasses

I ordered these as a Father’s Day gift for my dad, and I think he should absolutely love them. They’re sturdy and clearly not a cheap pair of sunglasses at all. I actually like these better than the pair of Marc New York aviators I bought for myself in a previous bag. I really appreciate that these came in a nice hard case. Why did the pair I got previously only come in a drawstring pouch?

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