Julep – Free Overnight Repair for Hands with $30 purchase


Julep has been dishing out the freebies lately. I normally don’t write about Julep because I’m not a subscriber, but they’ve been sending me e-mails constantly, let alone playing all those TV ads that don’t exactly explain in great detail that these guys specialize in nail polish, and explains in even fewer detail that they have a monthly subscription box.

Clearly Julep is trying to break away from that stigma of a “Nail company trying to be a makeup company,” by offering a lot of freebies to try. Good freebies too. They almost got me with that OHGOODY coupon a couple days ago but I resisted. I resisted because I was poor (thank you Nintendo), but that’s beside the point.

Today’s coupon is for a free Night Night Overnight Repair for Hands, which uses their POWERCELL technology. It looks like this technology (which frankly, is a bad term to use when talking about cosmetics and skin care) is in a newer line of cosmetic products currently being hocked by Julep. I can’t say I’ve ever tried any of their cosmetics, as the brief time I was subscriber I was sent haircare products.

Anywho if you’re interested, use code POWERCELL to get this nifty little hand cream. This doesn’t work on subscriptions either. Sigh. At least code FREEBOX still works toward your first box in a new subscription, but you can’t skip until your sixth month of consecutive membership anymore. Sigh. If you don’t want the hand cream, they’re also offering a coupon for a free jewelry box with $35 purchase. That code is KEEPSAKEGIFT. This one doesn’t explicitly state that you can’t open a new subscription with it, but you’d have to order the 3/6/12 month options to meet the price point. Sigh.

Both KEEPSAKEGIFT and POWERCELL live until 5/19/14.

Edit: Added some links so you can you know, actually get to Julep. GJ Beeju.


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