Thursday Thoughts


Linking up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts.

This has been a rough week for Beeju. I’ve felt 42 kinds of horrible this week. It started last Friday and has progressively gotten worse over the week. I’ve lost my appetite but obviously I have to eat to survive so I’ve been doing one meal a day lately, and sometimes it’s more like “a handful of chips” or whatever is in my path. My shiny new stove is neglected.

I’ll probably be purchasing a domain for this blog soon. I seem to be getting a lot of repeat viewers (hello out there!) and we all know that sub-domains seem far too amateur. I really want more boxes to subscribe too as well, but I really dislike all the negativity around GLOSSYBOX’s shipping schedule and Wantable is a bit out of my price point. I would love to hit up a box for my cats since everyone reviews the dog ones, but can anyone tell me why those are 30-40$? Can’t a sister get a $15 cat box? That’d make me happy. I’m looking into the new subscription service that dishes out 3 T-shirts per month, and I love beauty boxes, so maybe I can find one soon.

The Wii servers are going down soon too, which makes me a sad panda. I did pay off my pre-order for the Wii U a few days ago, but I was not thrilled with the fact that Nintendo just siphoned 350$ from my pocket because of MARKETING. I had intended on waiting until Black Friday or next year sometime to get the game and system because the price should have fallen a couple bucks, alas that didn’t happen. Sigh.

I also didn’t get one of my grad school apps done in time. Sigh.

This has been a bad week, lol.


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