Orange Glad – May 2014 Review



Orange Glad
$21 a Month with Shipping
Ships mid-month with 1-2 priority


Orange Glad is a nice little box that sends out between 4-5 foodie items curated from little known bakeries. There’s a lot of unusual tastes and some spins on classic favorites. I was super anxious to try this subscription, as I quite love sweets and I quite love bakeries. Funfact: Beeju wants to own and operate her own bakery someday.

Another funfact: My box wasn’t double checked…
Final funfact: This doesn’t happen often.


CiCi’s Italian Butterhorns
I admittedly had no clue what a butterhorn was. They looked like a fancy cinnamon croissant. They’re made from a light, buttery dough and filled with cinnamon, sugar, and crushed walnuts (I almost wrote walmarts, lol). The info card suggests eating them with coffee or with ice cream. They’re not overly sweet, but they have a definite walnut flavor. I expected much more cinnamon. I imagine these would be excellent if they were heated.


Cranberry Orange Welsh Cakes
These were an unexpected treat. I’d never heard of a welsh cake, but it’s apparently a dense cookie style dough that’s cooked on a griddle instead of baked, and then topped with sugar. These taste nothing like cranberries but they’re very citrusy. The taste is sort of hard to describe because I’ve never had anything that tasted like this but it’s honestly an excellent dense little cake. It literally feels like they compressed a 5″ cake into a 1″ cake. I make no sense, I know. They sell these through their website linked above, and I want to try the cinnamon ones!


Baking Betty’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cookie
It’s the small turned around cookie in the photo. This was a pretty darn good cookie I admit, it was overwhelmingly peanut buttery. I’m not sure I’d eat this everyday but it was very good. Nothing to set it apart from other peanut butter cookies other than it had chocolate chips in it.

Baking Betty’s S’more
This behemoth won cookie of the year in 2012 and it’s easy to see why, it’s delicious. The flavors are much more balanced, except there isn’t much of a marshmallow flavor. It’s got a lot of spice, like you can pick up the clove/cinnamon. It’s huuuuuge too, which is the way I like my cookies. ;D


As you can see from the above photo, I didn’t get a brownie. I did contact Orange Glad and they’re willing to send me one. I also managed to get two of the welsh cakes, not that I’m complaining. 😀 Stuff happens!

I highly recommend orange glad. It’s an excellent way to try stuff you may never get to come in contact with, like the butterhorns or the welsh cakes, and stuff you may not get to try, especially if you don’t live in the area like the Betty’s. It’s 21$ a month, including the shipping, and the chocolate items are put inside a cooler packet to keep them from melting. They also arrive within 1-2 days.


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